For months, Michael Giacchino has been teasing us with his development of the Doctor Strange soundtrack. The score that he has developed has been described by director Scott Derrickson as magical, adding an extra layer to a film that’s already guaranteed to have many layers. While some have already gotten their first look at Doctor Strange, which released a fifteen minute preview to select audiences last week, we all can get closer to the feel of the movie with the credits music, which was released today.

The audio, which you can hear in the clip above, sounds heavily inspired by the trippy sounds of seventies rock. The beginning sequence is very much inspired by Pink Floyd, then joined with a harpsichord to create a melody that sounds as though George Harrison (guitarist for the Beatles who wrote several of their songs incorporating the harpsichord) joined up with David Gilmore (guitarist for Pink Floyd) and came up with something totally unique. As someone that grew up with these sounds (Pink Floyd was my second concert) I would be totally on board for Doctor Strange based on this music, alone.

What do you think of the journey on which this score takes us? Does it feel like it takes you on a Strange journey? Let us know in the comments! Meanwhile, we only have a little bit longer to wait for Doctor Strange, which premieres in the U.S. on November 4, with tickets currently on sale.

Source: Marvel Via Entertainment Weekly.