Just recently we got a press release on the upcoming fifth episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. that revealed the return of Lance Hunter. We are slowly building up towards the show’s 100th episode, an occasion that the crew has been celebrating and rightfully so. It is still unsure what we can expect from this milestone, but it seems that SHIELD‘s visual effects supervisor Mark Kolpack may have given us our first bit of information on the episode in a recent tweet. To celebrate the occasion, he shared a t-shirt he got from showrunners Maurissa TancharoenJed Whedon and Jeff Bell. At first, it seems like an odd present but taking a closer look one realizes that it includes all the episode titles building up towards the 100th episode.


It actually reveals that the milestone will be titled “The Real Deal”. We also know that all episodes following Episode 5 “Rewind” are titled “Fun & Games”, “Together Or Not At All”, “The Last Day”, “Best Laid Plans”, “Past Life” and “All The Comforts”. If this season returns to the pod structure from Season 4 than we can assume that around Episode 8, which would be “The Last Day”, will end the current space-future centric arc. The title hints at this potentially being their last day on board the Lighthouse. “All The Comforts Of Home” would point to them returning to earth at some point, which could open up the potential for everyone’s favorite agents to cross over with characters from past season.

Personally, there are high hopes that some past story arcs get resolved this time around. With the events shown from this season’s premiere, there might be a good chance we could finally see Graviton become a central character. We have not seen him or the character of Ian Quinn since the first season and it seems like an appropriate time to bring them back. Maybe we also get an actual Secret Warriors team up that lasts longer than just the opening sequence of one episode.

What do you think we can expect from “The Real Deal”? What are your hopes for the 100th episode?

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