Devin Faraci at Badass Digest is one of the best Marvel scoopers in the business and has come through again today with the name of one of many young men that Marvel has auditioned for the role of Peter Parker.

It’s been rumored among Hollywood’s biggest scoopers that Marvel was looking to go very young in casting their new Peter Parker. Given that they wanted to start with Parker in high school and that he was going to be headlining films into the next decade, it was rumored they’d been auditioning actors as young as 15 for the role.

Today, Devin Faraci, sharing news from a new source, has given us the first name of that group of youngsters: 16-year old Mateus Ward (Weeds, Lab Rats and Hostages).

I know nothing about this young man’s acting career, but he is certainly young and definitely Peter Parker, both the things I believed the next Spider-Man should be! Nobody is saying Ward has the role, but it seems obvious that Marvel Studios will be going with a teen-aged Peter Parker when their Spider-Man film hits theaters on July 28, 2017.

SOURCE: Badass Digest