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2014 was an incredible year for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Two movies & a TV show absolutely redefined our favorite cinematic universe. 2014 is also important to us at MCU Exchange, which has seen our website explode in content, traffic and staff. It’s our goal to be the absolute best Marvel Cinematic Universe fansite on the internet, and your feedback helps us provide high quality content. Thank you so much for your support this year. We can’t wait to bring you guys high quality articles and graphics throughout 2015.

And speaking of 2015, this year looks to change the MCU in ways that seemed unfathomable just a few years earlier. Since our writers first met through /r/marvelstudios, it seemed appropriate that we ask our fellow Marvel Redditors for their craziest, ballsiest predictions for Marvel Studios in 2015.

So what did you guys come up with? Read on…


AGENT CARTER (January 3, 2015)


Agent Carter is a flop. Low ratings get it cancelled after 1 season. It turns out the world wasn’t ready for a post-WW2 spy-drama. We all cry.JLA_SBWWFGLMM

Aw, say it ain’t so! We think AGENT CARTER could be the best Marvel TV series of 2015. There’s not a lot of fan demand though…

Either Agent Carter will have a second season or we will see another mini-series during the Agents of Shield break late 2015 or early 2016.TheHandyman1

They’ll announce another miniseries for next January.Mevansuto

SQUIRREL GIRL! I am not one iota joking. We can’t think of anything we would like more-

A 1960s era Ant-Man TV series will be announced by Marvel, featuring the exploits of Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne.rkkim

Well, never mind. Holy shit that would be awesome.


AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. (March 2015)


Agents of Shield season 3 kicks off with a bang (and we finally get an Avenger cameo)number1lakeboy

We won’t have to wait for season 3! After the mid-season cliffhanger, we can definitely expect Agents of SHIELD to start with at least a tremor or two…

Coulson (hopefully) reunites with at least one of the Avengers from the first film.Pokevenger

RDJ cameos on AoSsmileimhigh

Agents of Shield… finally get(s) an Avenger cameo)number1lakeboy

We’d like to see Iron Man pop up on AGENTS OF SHIELD as much as Robert Downey Jr. would, but we kind of like what SHIELD is doing these days. The more the show distances itself from The Avengers, the more interesting it becomes.

Scarlett Witch & or Quicksilver will show up as a tie-in to Agents of ShieldTheHandyman1

This, however, seems interesting. Assuming that the Maximoffs are working for Baron Von Strucker & HYDRA at the beginning of AGE OF ULTRON, it actually makes a little sense that they might encounter our intrepid SHIELD team.

With a dying fan base, mediocre ratings, and much better success found on Netflix with The Defenders, Agents of Shield isn’t renewed for a third season.jordanrhys

I don’t think SHIELD is in any danger of cancellation in 2015. The ratings are steadily improving, and after the last episode’s enormous twist, it’s clear that Marvel’s fighting to make the show relevant and interesting.




Thor dies at the end of AoU and is sent to Hel.number1lakeboy

We have a similar prediction: Thor actually leaves the team midway through AGE OF ULTRON. He could fly off to Asgard, or he could bite it & get sent to Niffleheim. Either way, RAGNAROK doesn’t bode good tidings for Asgard’s favorite son.

RIP, Col. James Rhodes.JLA_SBWWFGLMM

Nah. If Marvel didn’t have the balls to kill Happy Hogan in IRON MAN 3, there’s no way they’ll kill the god damn War Machine.

Hawkeye is going to be having visions, or night terrors, because of Loki’s sceptor. He may or may not be important to our Avengers finding out there is a purple space pirate that will inevitably attack Earth.FuckMeRunning5648

This is one of our favorite predictions from the thread. Whedon has already said that Hawkeye would get more to do in AGE OF ULTRON, and this would be a way to link THE AVENGERS to the first film, set up Thanos for the third film, and keep them all on Earth. Plus, Selvig was pretty fucked up in THOR: THE DARK WORLD, so it makes sense that Hawkeye would be carrying some demons with him.

We get a Black Panther cameo and/or post credit scene after AoU.number1lakeboy

Agreed. He’s already being played by the delightful Chadwick Boseman, and he’ll be a major player in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR. It would be easy to slot him into AGE OF ULTRON, similar to Hawkeye’s debut in THOR.

Avengers: Age of Ultron eclipses $2 billion at the box office.number1lakeboy

This is a bold prediction. To put it in perspective, the only films to reach $2 billion were directed by James Cameron. It’ll be tough, but AGE OF ULTRON just might be the third.

Avenger: Age of Ultron features an end-credits scene with Bendict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange setting up his film in 2016.TheMinion9

I think we’ll see Black Panther, but Strange is a little dubious. DOCTOR STRANGE is three films after AGE OF ULTRON. To put it in perspective, that would be like cameoing Captain America in THE INCREDIBLE HULK. That would be just unfathomable…

Hulk is shot into space by Ultron during the final battle in A:AOU. The post credits scene: Ship crashes through the atmosphere of a distant planet, comes apart on landing, with Hulk tumbling along. Hulk lifts himself up, shakes off the dirt, lifts his head, and we hear a familiar voice say “Now just who… or what… the hell are you?” The next camera shot reveals Yondu, grinning ear-to-ear.JLA_SBWWFGLMM

That’s evocative! It would definitely mess with people’s expectations, shoot Hulk into space, but completely avoid PLANET HULK. And the more Yondu we get, the better.

Captain Marvel will be cast within the next few months and will make her debut in AoU. She will be played by Emily Blunt.apocalypsenowandthen

Kevin Feige has said that before they cast Captain Marvel, they’ll first have “writer announcements and director announcements”. I know Carol’s been rumored for AGE OF ULTRON, but I doubt we see her before Marvel locks down a director for her solo film.

Quicksilver will die… his death will cause Scarlett to lose control over her powers, and give everyone their ‘vision’ that Tony mentions. This will help build Scarlett’s character, and will establish difference in Fox’s QS.FuckMeRunning5648

If an Avenger dies in AGE OF ULTRON, we’re thinking it’s Vision. He’ll “die” the same way that Groot “died” in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

It’s going to be made clear in AoU that Loki’s Sceptor is NOT an infinity stone.FuckMeRunning5648

Or maybe it’s not not an Infinity Stone?




Nick Fury shows up in Daredevil somehow some way.TheHandyman1

We think THE DEFENDERS already kind of has a Nick Fury. But it wouldn’t surprise us if Fury was involved in the formation of the Defenders. Now that he doesn’t have to run SHIELD, Fury’s probably dashing around the world, arranging superhero teams like they’re his action figures.

Daredevil will get picked up for a second season within a few weeks of season one’s release.apocalypsenowandthen

These Netflix series are so strange, right? I thought for sure that all five would air in 2015, but Steven DeKnight said that wouldn’t happen. It would be really nice if Marvel took their time, giving two years between seasons of DAREDEVIL for the creative team to recharge and find new ideas. In the meantime, we’d see him in THE DEFENDERS.

The Hood will be announced as the Defenders villain.MurdockManila

The Hood is awesome, a character that perfectly intersects between street-level Marvel and magic/cosmic Marvel. He could easily be the bridge between THE DEFENDERS and AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR.

Frank Castle/The Punisher joins the Civil War/The Defenders cast.jordanrhys

Steven DeKnight has already said that the Punisher will not be in DAREDEVIL, but Marvel could film a cameo right before the show’s release. He could even be an offscreen “serial killer” in DAREDEVIL’s first season.

Iron Fist is racebent.vaultofechoes

After Dave Bautista, it seems like Marvel has a bit more confidence in casting athletes. Since Iron Fist is supposed to be one of the best martial artists in the world, perhaps Marvel will cast one of the best martial artists in the world.

Glenn Howerton will be cast as Purple Man in AKA Jessica JonesMurdockManila

Glenn Howerton, in addition to being perfect for the role, is already very high on Marvel’s radar…


ANT-MAN (July 17, 2015)


Bold prediction: Ant-Man will be the 4th highest grossing Marvel movie by 2016. Remember how Iron Man 3 rode on The Avengers success a full year after it came out? Ant-Man comes out two months after AoU.dannzo_29

We’re feeling the same way. Remember when GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY was Marvel’s first guaranteed bomb? It seems like it’s safer to assume that ANT-MAN will be a surprise runaway hit. (Is it still a surprise if you predict it?)

Hope will assume her mother’s mantle as The Wasp by the end of Ant-Man.apocalypsenowandthen

I am positively yearning to see the Winsome Wasp in The Avengers. Fingers / toes / wings / pincers crossed.

Evangeline Lilly steals the movie, huge fan push for a Wasp stand-alone.TheRevMrGreen

I don’t even need to wait for Lilly! The fan push is now, Marvel!

Ant-Man will surpass everyone’s expectations and get a sequel before Infinity War. Instead of being a straight forward sequel though, it will be an Ant-Man/Hulk team up movie. Marvel will announce a 2017 release date for it before the year is out.apocalypsenowandthen

The Sony email leaks suggest that if Marvel/Sony reach an agreement with Spider-Man, Sony would want a new solo Spidey film in 2017. Hell, if Marvel would add a fourth film to 2017, why not add a fourth to 2018? Spidey in 2017, Ant-Man in 2018, it’d be a Bugstravaganza! Insectapalooza!

Liv Tyler as Betty Ross maybe showing up in some lab. Talks to Hank or Hope at any point in the movie.Paperchampion23

Marvel, please include Liv Tyler or Tim Roth or William Hurt in another movie. Sometimes I feel like I’m taking crazy pills, and that THE INCREDIBLE HULK never actually happened.

One of two things will happen: –
Ant-Man’s success will lead to Edgar Wright getting all the credit. Ant-Man’s failure will lead to Peyton Reed getting all of the blame.





Sebastian Stan (Bucky), Anthony Mackie (Falcon), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Quicksliver), Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch), Paul Rudd (Ant-Man), Evangeline Lilly (Wasp), Clark Gregg (Coulson), Samuel L Jackson (Nick Fury), Adrain Pasdar (Talbot) Adrianne Palicki (Mockingbird) & Chole Bennet (Quake) complete the entire cast of Captain America: Civil War.TheMinion9

This is a dizzying volume of characters. We think the cast will be much smaller, but it will also not follow the comics very closely. Instead of having a 50/50 split like the comics, CIVIL WAR will basically be Iron Man vs. the world. Cap will have his superhero team (maybe one that looks like this?), and Iron Man will have his Iron Legion, the US government, and maaaybe Vision.

Daniel Bruhl will play Zemo.vaultofechoes

We could easily see Helmut Zemo as the “true” villain of CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR. And if AGENT CARTER gets a second season, maybe Heinrich Zemo there?

We’ll see footage from Civil War and Dr Strange before the year is out.apocalypsenowandthen

I, too, can’t wait for Comic Con.

It’s announced that Al Pacino is the Ancient One. Reactions are mixed.JLA_SBWWFGLMM

Let’s take a moment to appreciate that Al Pacino sharing a screen with Benedict Cumberbatch might lead to a “mixed” reaction. It’s incredible how spoiled we Marvel fans are right now.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is officially renamed as Guardians of the Galaxy: Annihilation Conquest…James Spader returns as Ultron in GOTG 2.TheMinion9

Given recent marketing materials (AGE OF ULTRON spoilers?), it seems very possible that Ultron could play a role in the cosmic MCU. Maybe instead of PLANET HULK, it’s PLANET ULTRON?

Kevin Bacon is cast as Star-Lord’s Father in Guardians of the Galaxy 2TheMinion9

Pelvic sorcery!

Marvel gets Spider-Man back. Maybe not full control, but overall they still decide everything happening in the MCU.AdrienI

All the Spider-man stuff amounts to nothing and Sony starts production on Amazing Spider-man 3RaoulSeagull

Yeah, it could go either way at this point. On the one hand, letting Marvel Studios handle Spidey is such a great idea that there’s no way that Sony does it. On the other hand, Marvel is seemingly able to move mountains to get what it wants. If the January “Spidey summit” is still on after the Sony hacks, there might be some news coming out this month.

Assuming Marvel gets the partial rights and they’ve been vocal they’ll retcon Spidey back to a fresh start… JK Simmons NEEDS to be JJJ again. If he isn’t it as much as I’ll love Spidey in the MCU part of me will be pissed.whoisearth

The biggest weakness of the MCU is that JK Simmons isn’t in every movie. The biggest weakness of cinema is that JK Simmons isn’t in every movie.

At the end of the CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR panel at Comic-Con, Joe & Anthony Russo are announced as the directors of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR PARTS I & II. In a twist, the names are changed: PART II is just INFINITY WAR, and PART I is THE KANG DYNASTY.SuperCoenBros

It’s so hard to tell what Marvel’s doing after INFINITY WAR. Kang the Conqueror is the last “great” Avengers villain and could easily be Marvel’s new evil overlord after Thanos. But hell, after seeing the Phase Three lineup, I think Marvel is just going for broke. They want to leave nothing on the table for Phase Four.

Fantastic Four flops hardcore, FOX sells the rights back near the end of the year.Chris Nelson

This would be the absolute best thing for Marvel Studios in 2015. The MCU is great, but it really does feel empty without Marvel’s First Family. Also, we need to see Iron Man & Doctor Doom face off in King Arthur’s Camelot!

Marvel announces a special feature film: “Just the Stan Lee Cameos”. Film’s box office returns eclipse The Avengerscaptainrothigans

My favorite part of every Marvel film is the guy in the audience who gasps, “It’s Stan Lee!” It’s like he just can’t believe that he’s seeing Stan Lee for the fourth time in theaters this year.

Thanks again to the awesome community of /r/marvelstudios. Did they miss anything? What Marvel Studios prediction are you ready to put your name on? Sound off in the comments section below, or in this Reddit thread.

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