Avengers: Infinity War is the culmination of 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and we’re in for quite a ride. One of the things that is going to make the upcoming film so special is the sheer number of characters involved, and recently we’ve been given just a small taste of what to expect.

Scarlett Johansson who depicts Black Widow in the MCU recently did an interview with Stephen Colbert for her upcoming film “Rough Night.” In the interview, Colbert asks for any information Johansson can provide regarding Infinity War. Obviously, there’s not too much that can be said without giving away spoilers, but Scarlett was able to give us a sense of just how massive this movie is.

She says that in the film there are “61 or 62 Marvel characters” involved, something that just seems amazing to think about. Further, she says that in one scene over 30 characters are involved, easily the biggest collection of characters we’ve ever seen on screen at once. Civil War’s epic Airport Battle scene, by comparison, consisted of a meager 12 characters.

What could that scene be? It’s hard to tell this early on, but the easy answer would be at some point later in the film in the main fight against Thanos. It could, though, be earlier on as the characters are meeting for the first time. Maybe the Russos are going all out with the iconic Avengers money shot we’ve become accustomed to and will do one giant one-take around the entire team.

Source: Youtube