Bruce Banner


Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk, is many things in the MCU – but publicly recognized scientist is not something we’ve come to expect. After all, as a Doctor, he’s been out of the public eye since the incident at Culver University. It’s also safe to assume that after Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Bruce was exposed as the Hulk when Black Widow released all of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s files to the public. So while he did his share of good deeds during the Battle of New York, the destruction caused by him in Harlem and Johannesburg is probably going to keep him in the doghouse for a good while (which he probably knows based on his actions at the end of Age of Ultron). So with that in mind, it’s certainly odd to see him featured in a classroom with the likes of Einstein and Darwin.

Howard Stark


Co-Founder of S.H.I.E.L.D., lover of fondue and overall cool ass dude, Howard Stark has been with us since the beginning of the MCU. He’d probably be the greatest scientific mind to this day if his son hadn’t surpassed him. So it’s no surprise to see him on a school wall that looks to be devoted to scientific achievements.

Avengers HQ


This one I definitely missed on my first watch somehow. Here we see Peter and Tony in Avengers HQ (with Happy in the background not pictured, probably doing ocular pat-downs). Kind of odd that Tony would meet in Upstate NY rather than at Stark Tower seeing as Peter lives in the city, but maybe he’s steering clear of Pepper – their relationship didn’t seem to be in a good place as of Captain America: Civil War.

Betty Brant


Back in June, we did a little internet sleuthing at the behest of some of our fans and discovered some interesting connections that lead to us exclusively reporting that we believed there was a good chance that Nice Guys actress Angourie Rice would be joining the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming. A week later the speculation was confirmed by the trades when it was reported that Rice was joining the cast and playing and unspecified character. And then a few weeks after that, fellow Marvel Fan site Marvelous Realm (who’s had a good track record when it comes to Spidey news as of late) reported that Rice would be playing Betty Brant and not Gwen Stacy as many people theorized based on her appearance. Well, if the above picture is any indication, the pro-Gwen Stacy crowd is going to be pretty vocal until Marvel releases something official on Rice’s character.

Flash Thompson


In a later scene that takes place in the same classroom with Bruce Banner’s picture, we get our first look at Tony Revolori – he’s the guy looking back at Peter on the right. Revolori was confirmed as Flash Thompson after a few weeks of speculation following his casting. While he doesn’t have the physique you’d expect from Flash, Revolori certainly has the acting chops to play a large role in Spidey’s corner of the MCU for years to come.