After almost two months of waiting and speculating, we’ve finally received confirmation that Jessica Jones will, in fact, be returning for a second season. This is pretty phenomenal news, as the first season of the show was almost universally beloved and Krysten Ritter‘s portrayal of the titular hero/detective left us all wanting more. While Jessica’s story with Kilgrave was, for the most part, neatly tied up, we still have some unanswered questions that we’d love to see addressed in season 2.

1) Who or what is IGH?

Easily the biggest unanswered question from season one, the mysterious “IGH” was introduced as the organization Dr. Kozlov tells the hospital he works for when caring for Simpson. When Trish tries to do some digging into what sort of program Simpson’s involved with, she gets a lead from a surprising source: her own mother. Dorothy recognized the name as the company who paid for Jessica’s medical bills after her car accident.

That’s the entirety of what we know about IGH, but it does give us a few hints for speculation. Obviously, we can assume that IGH is an organization interested in people with powers, and they’re somehow involved with the enhancements of both Jessica and Simpson. It’s also possible–though there’s no concrete evidence–that they’re in some way connected with the experiments that gave Kilgrave his powers as well. If that were the case, it’s highly likely that IGH could be involved in the experiments preformed on Luke Cage. After all, the same thumb drive that contained evidence of Kilgrave’s past also contained something Luke wanted–perhaps answers about his own powers, and the people who gave them to him.

Coming to the conclusion that IGH is responsible for, or at least somehow connected to, the circumstances that gave Nuke, Jessica Jones, Kilgrave, and Luke Cage their powers might require a few logical leaps, but it offers a possible connection between the Defenders that would necessitate their eventual team-up. It’s been widely assumed that The Defenders would eventually team up to battle the evil Ninja clan, The Hand, which we first saw in season one of Daredevil. But what if, instead, it was the shadowy, sinister IGH and the super villains they’d created? They could even be working with The Hand–both organizations are interested in powers, maybe IGH is somehow involved in Black Sky? Or IGH could just be a cover name for The Hand itself. Any of these possibilities would give Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist a nice juicy threat for their team-up.

2) Who will Jessica Jones face in her second season?

One of the best things about Jessica Jones is that it told a complete story, with nearly every aspect receiving the closure it needed. While this made the season feel complete and whole, it also makes it harder to speculate about season two, since it will have to be a completely new story rather than a continuation. The most obvious candidate for a season two villain is Will Simpson, aka Nuke. After his fight with Trish and Jessica left him nearly dead, Dr. Kozlov sent a team to retrieve him and presumably treat him.

This is great, because if Nuke is going to be a serious threat to Jessica, he needs to get a lot stronger. At his current strength, he was barely a match for Jessica after she’d been hit by a car and badly injured. At full strength, Jessica could kick his ass without breaking a sweat. But now that Simpson is back in Kozlov’s care, that provides an opportunity for him to come back stronger and angrier than ever before. This would make for a very different season two, providing Jessica with a more physical threat rather than the psychological and emotional threat posed by Kilgrave.

3) Will we ever see Trish suit up as Hellcat?

Speaking of characters we’d like to see return, Jessica’s best friend Trish Walker is sure to play a major role in season 2. What isn’t so sure, however, is whether she’ll be playing the same companion and emotional support role she did in season one, or if she’ll offer some physical backup as well. In the comics, Patsy Walker fights crime as the vigilante ‘Hellcat’, and the desire to be a hero is certainly something that has carried over to the show. Rachael Taylor, who plays Trish, addressed the possibility of becoming Hellcat in a recent interview stating that she’d definitely be interested. While nothing is certain, putting on a suit and becoming a hero definitely seems like a natural evolution for the character we met in season one, so a Hellcat appearance seems like a fairly safe bet.

4) What about the other kids like Kilgrave?

In season one of Jessica Jones, we learned that Kilgrave’s powers are a result of a series of medical experiments performed by his parents to treat a neurodegenerative disease. We also learn that little Kilgrave (or Kevin, as he was then known) wasn’t the only recipient of these treatments. On the same thumb drive that cost Reva Connors her life and contained video evidence of Kilgrave’s history, there were also videos and evidence of other children who had received treatments similar to Kilgrave’s. These children open up a whole world of possibilities for Jessica’s second season. These people, now adults, are quite possibly still out in the world. Do they have powers too? If so, are they the same powers as Kilgrave, or an entirely different range of powers? Either one of those possibilities would offer Jessica a brand new threat for her second season, or even a potential new ally. The possibilities seem endless, and it’ll be severely disappointing if they’re never addressed.

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