Originally Jeryn Hogarth in the comics, Marvel’s Jessica Jones featured a female version of the successful lawyer. Now Jeri Hogarth, she is a sharp tongued, quick witted attorney who knows how to get her way. Based on what we saw of her in Jessica Jones, we were all curious as to how kind hearted Foggy would deal now working with her (end of Daredevil Season 2). We expected the same kind of slippery snake from Hogarth in Iron Fist, but instead saw a different side to the most vicious lawyer in New York City.

With Danny in a bind at the beginning of Iron Fist, he calls on an old friend. Coincidentally, Hogarth is really the first person to believe Danny is who he claims to be. I suppose she’s seen enough craziness that nothing surprises her. While I expected to see the familiar take-no-prisoners (and take no BS) Hogarth from Jessica Jones, I knew something was different between her and Danny when Danny called her “J-Money”. While still displaying couth and legal savviness, Hogarth approached the Iron Fist with a touch more of humanity than she did with anyone in Jessica Jones.

Iron Fist offered the audience an explanation for the obvious change. Hogarth started her legal career at Rand Enterprises and clearly has a nostalgic affection for Danny and his family. Without a second thought, she jumps in to help Danny out. Both legally and in the beginning, financially. You can really tell how much she cares for the living Rand and how sincerely grateful she is for the opportunity she received at Rand Enterprises.

So, I have to wonder, why the sudden change with Hogarth? In Jessica Jones, she is a headstrong, icy lawyer who manipulates situations to benefit her. Even the woman she wants to marry suffers in Hogarth’s attempt to control a situation and a lot of people died because her selfish intentions dominated her actions. Obviously, Hogarth likes Danny. The relationship she had with Jessica Jones was strictly business and even that was rocky. And she was in the middle of a bitter divorce with her ex-wife, so I guess Hogarth had a lot on her plate.

After the events of Jessica Jones, we saw Hogarth at the end of Daredevil Season 2 when she offered Foggy a position at her firm. Though she was in a better mood, I can imagine she was simply pleased with herself for landing such a good lawyer such as Foggy Nelson. Iron Fist is the first time after Jessica Jones we really see Hogarth’s personality.

My last conclusion has to be that perhaps Hogarth learned her lesson. While I don’t think she ever will change how she is in the courtroom, Hogarth may have seen that her vicious and self-centered personality pushed the only person she cared for away. This is all speculation of course, but after her girlfriend left her at the end of Jessica Jones, she might have had a change of heart. That on top of have an affinity towards Danny Rand, could explain this change.

Carrie-Ann Moss will be reprising her role in this summer’s The Defenders, so we’ll see how Hogarth behaves around those who aren’t Danny Rand.