With season two of Daredevil coming out on Friday, we’ll be back in Hell’s Kitchen with Matt Murdock as he tries to keep the peace in his little section of New York City soon enough. Perhaps you haven’t had time to re-watch season one, recently, but still want to jump right in to season two. Here’s our recap to get you ready for your weekend binge.

Of course, this article will have spoilers for the first season, but it will be relatively free of spoilers for the upcoming second season.

The World

Matt, Karen, and Foggy at Church

It’s important to remember that the Hell’s Kitchen where Daredevil takes place isn’t the same west-side neighborhood you would visit if you went to New York City today. This is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and in this New York City, there was an alien attack that damaged most of mid-town. There were lots of little hints about this in during the first season – mostly references to “the incident” and “the battle of New York.” This is a grittier, darker world than where we currently live. I have a feeling we’ll remember that pretty quickly when the new season starts, though.

When we last saw Nelson and Murdock in action as a team of lawyers, they were helping take down Wilson Fisk. Fisk (eventually) ended up in jail. And at the time, their secretary, Karen Page, hadn’t yet revealed that she killed Fisk’s right-hand-man, Wesley. Don’t be surprised if this is a major part of Karen’s journey in the second season.

Stick, Ninjas, and Black Sky


If you only have time to re-watch one episode from season one, make it the seventh episode, “Stick.” There is a lot of information in this episode that will probably be relevant in season two.

Stick was the old man that taught young Matt Murdock how to use his senses, and how to fight. Several times, he hinted at an impending war, but he never elaborated any further than that. When he returned to Matt’s life in the seventh episode last season, it was to take care of a threat called the “Black Sky.”

Black Sky turned out to be what appeared to be a young boy, though Stick insisted that he was actually a threat, and killed him. Nobu (the ninja who went on to fight with Daredevil two episodes later and went up in flames) insisted that it would be very hard to find another Black Sky.

Matt was angry that Stick killed the boy, and fought his former mentor after the incident. Upon winning the fight, he told Stick to leave his city. If you think that means we’ll never see Stick again, you really have forgotten how few cares he had in the world. The last we saw of Stick was while he was sitting across from a larger, scarred man, discussing if Matt would be ready when the time comes, something Stick wasn’t entirely sure of himself.

Odds and Ends

Claire Temple

  • Remember Madam Gao, the old woman with the team of blind workers distributing heroin? She said she was going home, to a place that was a “considerable distance farther” than China, but odds are that we will see her again.

  • Of course there is Claire, the nurse that helps keep Matt alive and was the only love interest we saw during the first season. We met her again in the season finale of Jessica Jones, where she mentioned that she lost the lease on her apartment while taking care of another person with special abilities. Perhaps Matt will have even more guilt, this season, after learning about this?

  • As for Melvin Potter… Matt told Foggy that he never learned how to sew, so if the new costume needs any repairs or modifications, we may see more of Melvin Potter, his tailor. Melvin helped Matt, after proving that he was a very capable fighter because Matt promised to keep “Betsy” safe for him.

  • Brett Mahoney is a good cop, and since last season, he has also had a run-in with the mind-control of Kilgrave in Jessica Jones. Thankfully, he has survived, and Foggy’s childhood frenemy should still be able to send potential clients to Nelson and Murdock.

Of course, you can quickly refresh yourself by watching season one condensed into this one nine-minute video. Much easier than watching all 13 hours again!

The first season of Daredevil is currently available to stream on Netflix now, while the second season will hit Netflix tomorrow! Be sure to check it out!