Well, this is an interesting development.

Over the weekend while at the TCAs, ABC Studios president Paul Lee confirmed that Marvel’s Most Wanted, the long in development Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spin-off, was in fact moving into pilot stage as originally reported back in August. Interestingly enough, at the time, he remained quiet concerning both Damage Control – which was given a put-pilot commitment – and the mysterious John Ridley project, insisting that Most Wanted was the only project in development. Something we learned to be false when Ridley later confirmed – that same day, mind you – that his Marvel project was still very much alive at ABC.

So, maybe it shouldn’t be entirely too surprising to learn that there’s a second Marvel comedy being developed for ABC alongside Damage Control. And yet, it is, as none of the trades have yet to report on it. (If you’ll recall, they reported on the Ridley project very early on, even though it hadn’t been ordered to pilot like Most Wanted and Damage Control.)

While speaking with IGN at the TCAs, Lee spoke highly of Damage Control, which will be a half-hour, single camera comedy series that looks to begin filming its pilot soon alongside Marvel’s Most Wanted. As for the newly revealed comedy project, however, Lee chose to remain quiet, stating only that he hopes it lands on ABC.

“We definitely want to do Marvel comedies as well as dramas and of course, as you know, we supply lots of dramas to Netflix,” he said.

What’s interesting about his statement here is that he ultimately confirms that these shows, which are currently all being developed for ABC, could very well make their way over to the streaming service should the network not pick them up. This could explain why they’re developing four new series currently, as they’re planning on dividing them between ABC and Netflix.

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Source: IGN.