After what seemed like a day devoted to the street-level aka Netflix side of the MCU, Marvel did actually quietly release a few teasers of its next Feature Film, Doctor Strange. Even though NYCC in the past has primarily promoted the TV shows of Netflix, we have our fingers crossed for some more ‘Strange Stuff’ this weekend at the con. For now, check out the new videos below.

USA Today did this interesting piece on Steven Strange, his journey to becoming the Sorcerer Supreme and the expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Here is yet another TV spot for the film, this time concentrating on Stevens’s ego and how it leads him to fulfill his destiny. Note – as the film approaches its release date and these TV spots start showing up on a daily basis, we’ll probably either chose to skip them when they show little to no new footage, or we’ll push them to our weekly pulse which is released on Saturdays.

And last but certainly not least, Benedict Cumberbatch appears as himself in this video inviting everyone to the IMAX Sneak Peak taking place in the US on October 10th – and by sneak peak, we mean about 10 mins of the film.

Let us in the comments know what you’re looking forward to most when Doctor Strange is released in November.