Back in August of last year, Deadline confirmed that ABC had ordered the long-rumored Mockingbird-centric Marvel’s Most Wanted to pilot. At the time, both ABC Studios and Adrianne Palicki were reluctant to confirm the pilot order. Now today, while at the TCAs, ABC Studio president Paul Lee confirmed that Marvel’s Most Wanted has officially been ordered to pilot, indicating that they’re hoping to begin production on that within the next few months.

He [Lee] spoke highly about the project, which he said will go into production in the near future. “We love the script,” he said. “We think it’s going to be great. We’re doing that in the next few months.”

What was more interesting, however, was his response when it came to updates regarding both Damage Control (which was also ordered to pilot) and the mysterious John Ridley project that’d both been in development for some time.

When asked to offer updates on John Ridley’s Marvel project and Damage Control, Lee hedged, simply saying, “We have two Marvel shows obviously being Agent Carter and obviously being SHIELD, and we have one in development, which we’re making a pilot of.”

Now, given their reluctance to confirm the Most Wanted pilot until now – approximately five months after it was announced – this doesn’t necessarily mean that the two shows are dead. When it comes to Damge Control, the show was given a put-pilot commitment, meaning that the pilot will air either as part of a series, or as a special. It’s a commitment that generally leads to a series pick-up by a network. So, it’s more than likely we will still see that.

When it comes to Ridley’s mysterious project, however, it’s a bit different. This series was never ordered to pilot and, in all honesty, has never been talked about outside of the developmental stage. It’s hard to say where it’s at right now, but for the time being, it seems like it’ll be some time before we see it – assuming we do. (Worth noting, Ridley did just re-up his deal with ABC Studios to now include a deal with Disney Studios, so he clearly has a good relationship with the company.)

We should know more about the status of Marvel’s Most Wanted, Damage Control, and the mysterious Ridley project come May when ABC announces their pick-ups and renewals.

Source: IGN.