Here at MCUExchange, we focus exclusively on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Does that mean we don’t like the popular red guy?

Deadpool chibi is sad not to be in the MCU

Why, oh why, can’t I be with you MCU?! I loves you!

Nah, we likes. But in order to do the best and most complete reporting job we can, we stick with the MCU. We’re kinda like the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. without the guns, gadgets, or, sadly, Agent May. Okay, that analogy may not have been entirely helpful.

Agent May kicking Agent Coulson in front of press.

Dude, don’t make me kick you.

What has this limited focus strategy done for us? Lots! We have tons of fantastic subscribers and commenters on this site, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Speaking of YouTube, we have a whole channel filled with videos, podcasts, and the spectacular Marvel SuperCuts done by our very own Charles Villanueva. We’re genuine fans and creators. Our site is not owned by some giant faceless corporation, we’re grassroots reporting by fans for fans.

People have come to trust us to bring all the key MCU news to them, minute by minute! Our great writers work tirelessly to get everything delivered to you, the fans, in one place… Our place and yours:

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