The Brazilian website Omelete had the chance to visit the Daredevil set back in October and was able to uncover some pretty interesting easter eggs and spoilers. Thanks to both Google Translate and a Reddit user over in /r/marvelstudios, we are able to understand a good portion of the article despite it not being in english. But just a fair warning, I can’t claim these quotes are word for word, but I’m confident they are extremely close and the information is all correct.

The biggest piece of information here was that Melvin Potter, also known as The Gladiator will be playing a large role in the series. According to Michael Jortner, who is either part of, or head of the production team (google translate says head of the department of scene elements, doesn’t seem right), Melvin Potter will be making a suit (armor?) for Wilson Fisk (Kingpin), played by Vincent D’Onofrio, which is made out of Kevlar and is bullet/knife proof. Additionally, Potter will be working on Fisk’s armored cars. The exact quote below via google translate isn’t 100%, but if gives us a small glimpse at where they are heading.

We will also see him working in the armor of Fisk cars and also give a tip that the Gladiator is there, in some scenes of his workshop. Not only Gladiator, but other characters in the Marvel Universe.

Costume Designer, Stephanie Maslanski also spoke on Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk’s motivation, saying that “Both Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk want to turn Hell’s Kitchen in a better place to live”. She went on to elaborate “Fisk is a guy who has a heart and a past. It is a deep and multi-layered character. He is far from be a grotesque and exaggerated character. We leave that to other programs that are on TV”. This continues with the narative that we’ve been hearing from everyone around the show that this will be an origin story for both Daredevil and Kingpin.

Additionally it looks like we might be getting some long continuous shots in the series, with Omelete reporting that some scenes were up to 3 mins in length during their visit. The scene being referenced also had Bob Gunton‘s Leland Owsley in it, which we now know is Wilson Fisk’s financial advisor thanks to their set visit.

Some other interesting nuggets:

  • Matt Murdock lives on the top floor of an 8 story building.
  • Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple (Night Nurse) works at Metro General Hospital.
  • The series is aiming for a somewhat realistic tone, akin to The Wire or even Arrow.
  • Matt’s abilities are incredible but still very much grounded in reality.
  • Atlas Investments is a company near the Nelson & Murdock Law office, an easter egg to the Pre-Marvel day of Atlas Comics.