Throughout the promotion of tonight’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., it has become clear that this will be the start of putting Bobbi and Hunter into the necessary place for Marvel’s Most Wanted to happen. “Parting Shot” will have a very prominent focus on both of the potential leads, which means both Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood have been doing interviews before the episode airs.

While talking to TVLine, Palicki says the episode “definitely has a different feel,” which makes me think even more that this could be a back door pilot for Most Wanted. Putting these two characters in their own series is only possible because of their strong relationship. As Palicki says, this is both a strength and a weakness for the characters.

Palicki: They strengthen each other but they’re also each other’s weaknesses. As a soldier, you shouldn’t go into battle with any kind of leverage — but for Bobbi, Lance is leverage.

Hunter has never been a fan of working under S.H.I.E.L.D. but has seemingly only put up with it in order to stay close to Bobbi. If Bobbi was not around? Palicki thinks he would definitely not stick around.

Palicki: I actually don’t think he would be there if it wasn’t for Bobbi. After she got hurt, even more so. It’s that ‘protection’ thing.

Given the expectation that there will be plenty of Bobbi and Hunter tonight, there complex relationship will be looked at even more. As a couple, they are one of the strongest, even with Hunter’s joking personality. Both the serious and sometimes confrontational nature of their relationship is what makes them poised for a spin-off.

Blood: The big thing you see is how strong they are and determined they are as people. But you also see how Hunter, even in the most desperate situations, tries to make things light.

The most fun is playing off their different approaches to things. Bobbi is the one person who can actually push Hunter’s buttons.

Palicki: And she likes to push his buttons! [Laughs]

However, they should take this mission seriously as they have been tasked with learning more about Malick’s plan. Even though Blood says they are “pretty successful” in their adventure, something else will happen and it does not sound good.

Palicki: There’s a big surprise at the end of the episode. A big tearjerker, that’s for sure.

What could be the cause of this big surprise? Well, in a separate interview with CBR, the topic of the mystery invisible Inhuman that was shown in the promo came up. He is potentially very dangerous and maybe he is responsible for whatever big surprise awaits us.

Palicki: When it comes to Inhuman invisibility, it’s a scary feat because you never know where somebody is, especially during a fight. Hint, hint.

We will know the answers to these questions in a few hours, but before we do give us your theories on what could happen in the comments below!

Episode 3×13, “Parting Shot”, of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will air tonight at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

Sources: TVLine & CBR