During a Reddit AMA to promote the Orville, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fan-favorite Adrianne Palicki shared some fun things about her experiences working with the likes of Seth McFarlane and her love for the Star Trek legacy. In it, Palicki also revealed her thoughts on the unaired Most Wanted pilot, her wistfulness in the public seeing it one day and the MCU character she’d love to fight alongside one day.

I would LOVE to get to kick ass next to Black Widow! Bad-ass chics unite!! Waiting for the call

Make it happen, Marvel! Heck, throw in Clint Barton to that mix. Comic fans have been dying to see those two lovebirds together. They don’t even need to be together. Just have them make an off-the-cuff remark about a fling back in their SHIELD academy days. This stuff writes itself! When asked about the Most Wanted pilot and her experiences filming Bobbi and Hunter’s send-off episode in Season 3, Palicki said:

I hope they release the pilot. I saw it and loved it. But, everything for a reason, right? #Orville

There wasn’t a dry eye on set when we shot that last scene. What an amazing family

Palicki was also asked for nth time about a potential Mockingbird appearance this coming season especially now that the character’s lesser half Lance Hunter was confirmed to return.

**If they asked me to come back for a few, I’d definitely do it! I loved playing Bobbie, and I loved the people I worked with.*

Source: Reddit