Given the fact that Luke Cage essentially broke Netflix when it premiered, it shouldn’t be surprising that, according to Symphony Advanced Media, the show has brought in the largest audience from Marvel’s Netflix shows. And yet, it kind of is.

Prior to the launch of Luke Cage on the streaming service, hype for the series seemed to hit an all-time high. This was – and is – an important series for various reasons, and the fan response to early trailers indicated that this series could very well be huge for both Netflix and Marvel. But given the reported viewership for both Daredevil and Jessica Jones, it seemed like the series would continue the trend of succeeding as a niche show. (Although, to be fair, Jessica Jones managed to become a breakout series, finding itself included in awards conversations from the get-go.) And then, the show premiered and managed to surpass expectations.

As I mentioned above, Netflix ended up crashing as viewers took to the streaming service to kick off their binge-watch throughout the show’s premiere weekend, offering a tease of just how massive the series would be for both Netflix and Marvel. But because Netflix doesn’t usually release viewership numbers, it was hard to know just how well the series did. That, of course, doesn’t mean viewership numbers are entirely hard to come by. Thanks to the folks over at Symphony Advanced Media, we now know that Luke Cage has proven to be the biggest success of Marvel’s Netflix shows thus far.

Symphony Advanced Media reported today in its newsletter that Marvel’s Luke Cage has been the comic book company’s biggest streaming hit this year. The show runs on Netflix, which doesn’t report on viewership numbers, but if Symphony’s numbers are accurate, fans of the bulletproof vigilante should have a sequel to look forward to (assuming Mike Colter wants to do it). After all, based on these numbers, it outperformed Daredevil season 2, and we already know that there will be a season 3 for MCU NYC’s leading man.

According to SymphonyAM’s estimates, Luke Cage opened stronger than shows like Making A Murderer and Stranger Things, but the superhero show fell short of the other two shows performance over the course of each shows’ first month. Symphony estimates that in the 32 days following the release of Marvel’s Luke Cage, 6.34 percent of video viewers aged 18 to 49 were watching Luke Cage in an average minute. Yes, these terms are weird, but it’s how ratings are done.

(For reference, according to the same report, the second season of Daredevil only managed a 5.94 percent using the same metric.)

While many have been wondering whether we’ll see a second season of Luke Cage, or whether Marvel and Netflix will just decide to go with Heroes for Hire following the premiere of Iron Fist next year, it’s safe to say we’ll definitely be getting more Luke Cage after The Defenders!

Source: The Observer