Marvel’s 8 episode mini-series Agent Carter caps off it’s run with a 1.3 rating; tied for lowest of the season. Hayley Atwell and Co. were obviously hoping for a better showing in what could be it’s last episode. Marvel’s first foray into period piece Television has produced lukewarm reviews and the show itself never really advertised itself as more than a mini-series. With that said, the show runners and producers have said a few times that they see it as a show that could go for multiple seasons.

Network Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live + Same Day
ABC Marvels Agent Carter 1.3 4 4 Million
CBS NCIS: New Orleans 2.0 6 13.84 Million
CW The Flash – Rerun 0.3 1 1.12 Million
FOX New Girl 1.4 4 2.9 Million

Stats from zap2it

While Agent Carter has historically done much better once the VOD numbers come in, it’s hard to imagine that ABC is chomping at the bit to renew the show. Luckily it has the obvious advantage of being a Marvel show on a Disney/ABC Channel, so I would think if Marvel really wanted 2nd Season ABC would allow it.

It’s all about the narrative. If Marvel is looking to build their Retro Universe then Agent Carter is an absolute necessity to continue the world-building. But if this was always planned as a one-off and they have no intention of continuing to explore that time period, then logistically it wouldn’t make sense to give Agent Carter another 8 episodes. Maybe Netflix can save it?