Going into the second season of Agent Carter, we knew that comic book villain Madame Masque would be making her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut on the show’s second season, albeit with some twists. We knew that she would be molded to fit the time period, as well as Peggy’s story, however, we all expected to see her don some sort of gold mask at some point in the season. Unfortunately, it appears that won’t be the case.

As part of their Spoiler Room feature, Entertainment Weekly released a quote from one of the series showrunners, Michele Fazekas, in which she confirms Whitney Frost does not actually wear Madame Masque’s famous gold mask in the series.

I know Wynn Everett is playing Whitney Frost on Agent Carter, but will we actually see her as Madame Masque? — Makena

The show is doing its own interpretation on the character, though fans of the comics will still be pleased. “She never wears a gold mask, but you’ll see a nod to that,” EP Michele Fazekas says. Mainly, Whitney is going to be a great foil for Carter this season. “They’re a very good match for each other,” Fazekas says. “Whitney is smart, and Peggy can see through Whitney’s façade of being a glamorous actress. Whitney is used to people treating her with a certain amount of deference, because she’s a famous actress, and she’s met her match in Peggy.”

This may be disappointing for some fans, but it’s not entirely unsurprising. After all, the show put its own spin on comic villain Doctor Faustus during season one, as well as the Black Widow program, so it’s to be expected they’ll be making some changes to the characters they’ll be including from the comics. Are you disappointed knowing Whitney Frost won’t don her famous mask? Sound off in the comments below!

Agent Carter season two premieres on ABC on January 19th at 9PM with a two-hour premiere!

Source: Entertainment Weekly.