Spoiler Warning: If you’re not caught up with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I would suggest you stop reading now as there are spoilers below!

During the summer, when it was revealed that Lash would be making an appearance during Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s third summer, many fans found themselves wondering who would end up being cast as the Inhuman. Of course, it was later disclosed, thanks to ABC posting the season three synopsis early on their site, that Matthew Willig had been cast as the character. However, shortly into the show’s third season, it was revealed that Lash could transform into a regular person, indicating that we’d more than likely already met Lash in his human form without realizing it. Something that was confirmed with the revelation that Dr. Andrew Garner (Blair Underwood) was actually Lash during “Among Us Hide….

With that secret now out, Marvel has released a behind the scenes video showcasing the transformation of Lash, which also includes interviews with both visual effects supervisor Mark Kolpack and Lash himself, Blair Underwood.

While the reveal about Lash is shocking to most of the team, it’s a heartbreaking situation for one character in particular, Agent May (Ming-Na Wen). Going into this season, we weren’t sure if she’d return to S.H.I.E.L.D. after the events of season two, and now with the truth about Andrew out, it’s hard to know if she’ll continue to stick around. In a recent interview with Hypable, Wen commented on her reaction upon having learned about the Lash reveal and May’s tough decision to allow the ATCU to put him into stasis.

“Chaos Theory” focuses on May’s response to learning that Andrew is Lash. What was your reaction when you heard about that twist?

I felt like an idiot, because I didn’t see it coming at all, until I read the script. And literally, I gasped, because — even up to the point where I was reading the sentence before it, it didn’t sink in until I finally read “Andrew is Lash,” and I was like, Noooo! Because Blair Underwood is a wonderful, long-time friend of mine, but he is also a really good-looking guy. And you really just want to see more of that.

That willingness to sacrifice herself is one of the parallels to the episode “Melinda,” which is really the only other time we’ve gotten to see a more vulnerable May. Did you feel like you were making an emotional callback to that episode?

With the Bahrain episode, it was easier, only because it was pre-Agent May, “The Cavalry,” as we know her. She was able to be more emotional and vulnerable.

With this one, we had to find a different level of when she could show her emotions, and when she is at her most vulnerable. We played each scene with three or four different levels of where she was at, and then I was just curious how they were gonna edit it together. It was kind of fun to see that they really restrained her quite a bit, even at her most vulnerable.

And at the same time, I was like, “Oh, but there was such a great moment between Blair and I in the scene where I was chained up!” It’s an odd thing for an actor to kind of watch it so close to it having been shot, that I remember all the stuff that we did. But the audience seemed to really have taken to seeing [May] break down a bit toward the end, there.

May’s confession that she doesn’t feel that she deserves happiness is a pretty big piece of her puzzle. How did you feel about that revelation?

I think she’s still that wounded soldier with post-traumatic stress, where she feels that she has done something horrific, that she can’t forgive herself for still, to this day — which is the incident in Bahrain. And I think her sense of self-worth is in constantly trying to do things in her life to either alleviate that guilt, or make herself feel like, at least I am paying back for what I have done, I’m atoning for that particular sin that she feels she has done, out of necessity. But I think in not being able to heal from it, she going to constantly put herself down in that sense — what she has done, or what she’s able to do.

Which is interesting, because I think it’s also her driving force — to always protect her S.H.I.E.L.D. family and to protect the ones that she loves from experiencing similar situations. That’s why I think she goes to Bobbi, and tries to encourage her, tell her that look — you’ve gotta get back in the field. You’ve got to get your sense of confidence back, because that’s who you are, and you deserve to be your whole self.

How do you think May feels about Andrew now? Is it possible that she’ll give up on him?

No, not at all! Because in the end, when she asks Daisy what she thought about the whole [thing with] keeping them in stasis, that was her sense of hope — that maybe they will find a cure, and she will have her Andrew back. So she is keeping that hope alive, and I think that’s why she made that decision, as hard as it was, because it was either that or putting him down.

And when she shot at him, that was definitely a choice she had already made, without knowing what the consequences was. But now she has a chance, and she took it.

Speaking of the “next mission,” can you tease a little of what we can expect as the first part of the season wraps up?

For the winter midseason finale, again, my jaw dropped. Because there is such a huge twist that happens, so the only thing I can say is that it alters a lot of stuff. I don’t know how the writers do it!

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Source: Hypable.