Spoiler Warning: This post has spoilers from the third episode of the fourth season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. titled “Uprising”. If you don’t want spoiled, I advise you to not read below. If you’ve watched it (or don’t follow the rules) keep on scrolling, we’re happy to have you!

Inhuman Resistance


Step aside HYDRA, there’s a new terror cell in town and they proved they mean business right out of the gates, launching EMP attacks on six of the world’s biggest cities. As we’re in the age of technology, the group’s leader (or spokesperson) got on camera posing as an Inhuman to make the general public think that the Inhumans were behind the EMP attacks.

The terror cell, known as the Watchdogs, ended up being behind the attacks in an attempt to hunt down the Inhumans of the world. It isn’t until the waning seconds of the episode that we find out that Senator Rota Nadeer (portrayed by actress Parminder Nagra) is the one calling the shots for the Watchdogs. As Senator Nadeer is leaving her home, we see her brother in the black rock-state the terrigenesis process leaves humans in if they don’t carry the Inhuman gene.

While it does appear her brother’s death launched Nadeer, a character original to the show, down a path of distrust of the Inhumans, I think there’s going to be more to the story. What if her brother simply hasn’t completed Terrigenesis yet? That adds another depth to the storyline of Nadeer being so hell bent on stopping the Inhuman race from spreading only to find out her brother has become one.

One can hope, right?

Radcliffe’s Holographic’s


With Agent May on the brink of death from this “ghost sickness” that we’ve seen many succumb to so far this season, Agent Simmons takes her to visit their friend Holden Radcliffe to see if he has any ideas on how to save her.

While in Radcliffe’s lab, we’re introduced to some new tech Radcliffe was sitting on in terms of holographic’s. To me, these effects appeared very crisp and clear and were so detailed, they could make even Tony Stark jealous.

Using his new tech, Radcliffe is able to find out the “bug” that’s causing May to die, which leads us to…

“Hell no I’m not ready, we’re about to kill May.”


Essentially what happens when the ghost touches a person is that it causes that person to have irrational fears to the point of literally being scared to death. Radcliffe’s idea is to purposely kill May, only to instantly resurrect her in some sort of sick and twisted human-version of rebooting a computer.

They inject May to “kill” her and when they go to resurrect her, the city they’re in is hit with an EMP blast. Have no worries! Radcliffe takes the battery (?), for lack of a better term, out his life model decoy to power the defibrillator paddles to give the system enough “juice” to shock May back into life.

It works and it appears the real Agent May, who appears to have no recollection of what had previously happened, is back in good health. Outside of the few scenes dealing with May, Simmons, and Radcliffe, we don’t see any of the ghosts we saw in the first episode.

As the premiere of Doctor Strange gets closer, I anticipate the ghosts and the Darkhold to play quite a bigger part of the way the show moves.

Out of the Shadows


With Inhumans being blamed for the recent EMP attacks, Agent Coulson recommends to Director Mace that he takes S.H.I.E.L.D. public a month ahead of schedule. In a tough situation, and with some “encouragement” from the President, Mace schedules a press conference to reintroduce S.H.I.E.L.D. to the public and make the organization legitimate once more.

While Director Mace didn’t say anything at the presser about his superhuman strength that we noticed in the last episode, he did come off in big support of the Inhumans.