Entertainment Weekly has just revealed the latest poster in the Art of Evolution series for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. And as you can see below, the original six are back together – for now.

Along with the poster reveal, Entertainment Weekly also had a chance to talk to Executive Producer Jeff Bell about what the poster means and what we can expect from the rest of the season.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: My first thought when I saw this poster was that it reminded me of the last year’s Level 7 art: the original team back together again, everyone in their defensive positions.

JEFF BELL: It’s very old school. But having everybody together…I love the way Simmons is glaring at Ward, just right behind him. I will say there’s an Easter Egg in the poster—that’s all I’ll say. But the fact that we’re all together is awesome. And getting all those people on a quinjet is tight quarters for a lot of people who no longer share the love. This is also the first one where we’ve had the title of the episode on the poster; that’s a little different.

The team needs to save Lincoln and Deathlok, which means everyone’s going to have to come together despite their differences. But not everyone likes Lincoln. Not everyone likes Ward. And not everyone likes Deathlok…

Right. And why is Ward agreeing to this? And does he have an agenda? Because clearly…look, he wants to be forgiven and loved. That’s all he wants. He’s like, “I’m sorry, I miss it, I miss you guys…come on, I’m a good guy!” We’re trying to bring everything together for the finale, and this is a big part of that.

Will we see a bit of internal conflict with Skye, based on the fact that she’s now struggling with a lot of things—namely, seeing Ward again, and her family issues?

There’s a scene between the six of them—our six original people—and it’s maybe…I don’t know if it’s my favorite scene of this season, but it’s certainly a top three or four scene of the season, of all six of them together. And part of the reason is that it does everything. You’re reminded of how good they used to be, how good they were together, and what went wrong. The guys did a lovely job on it.

Behind Skye, there’s a pattern that looks a little like DNA strands. My first thought, given where we left off after the last episode, was that it could be the DNA of powered people.

I cannot confirm or deny, but I find that very interesting. [laughs] Looking around, there’s a couple of things that are very specific to the plot that you wouldn’t necessarily know. But after you see the episode, you’ll be able to pick it out.

And we haven’t seen the last of “best dad ever” Cal, right?

Oh lord, no. You can’t put him on every poster! [laughs] We’ve got some story left for him.

The poster for “The Dirty Half Dozen” will go on sale tomorrow afternoon over at http://www.marvelshop.com/agentsofshield. It’ll cost you $49.99 plus shipping & handling and tax. Each poster is limited to 100 copies.

Source: Entertainment Weekly