The agents believed that they stopped the world from being cracked like an egg. Yo-Yo made a quick decision and ended up killing an uncontrollable Ruby. Daisy is faced with the issue as she tries to find a way to save the world. Now, they are stuck in the bunker with an alien ship hovering above their head. Stuck with alien invaders, it seems that they are slowly inching towards the end of the world. Are they truly going to be able to avoid the grim future they saw?

In an interesting twist, the alien invaders comfortably parked their spaceship above the Lighthouse base. Talbot’s compliance has led to him giving away their location and now they are stuck on lockdown. It is a bit hilarious that the reason they are trapped in due to Coulson getting impatient and pressing the controls too early. Still, it makes for an interesting episode, as they are stuck in their own base with alien invaders waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

These aliens are rather simple in concept. They are humanoid that use the darkness to their advantage. It is always fun to see Deke share his experience with them in the past, as we get a bit more background on the future humankind’s encounter with aliens. They are used sparingly but are quite effective at what they do. The giant ship floating in the sky also comes at a perfect time as Daisy’s meeting with the returning Candyman hints at these events taking place during the New York invasion by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. It isn’t perfect but it explains how no one will question the appearance of one ship as another is in a confrontation with the Avengers.

Yo-Yo comes to the conclusion that they have not ended the loop quite yet as she realizes the warning from the future was about them trying to save Coulson. Killing Ruby may have just continued the pattern for the loop to continue. This is the main reason why Daisy met up with Candyman. She has gone dark to find a solution to saving Coulson, which gave us a nice returning look at project Centipede and a hint at something that could save his life after all. We later find out that the only way to save Coulson is for Daisy to meet a familiar face. In a post-credit stinger, we see her digging up the grave of her own mother, Jiaying, who was the source for Garrett being able to survive as long as he did. It makes sense given that she is also the reason why Whitehall was able to become young again back in the second season. This moment truly made it feel like it truly is all connected.

There is a nice little running gag between Deke and Fitz. His existence is proof that they will survive the events so if their lives are in peril than he would just pop out of existence. It does feel like this is the show’s way of teasing the moment we will realize that they have stopped the root. Deke has become a bit of a comedic character, especially with his obsession with Daisy, but it will be sad to think that his time on the show might be nearing an end if they manage to prevent the world from cracking into many parts.

Let us get into the real juice of the episode. I feel a bit stupid for not realizing the clues the show has given to us in the last few episodes. Talbot has been wearing a blue shirt for a while now with a large beard, which is actually the staple of Graviton’s design in the comics and even in the cartoon Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Anyone who has been sane was driven mad by getting in contact with it. So, if someone is already a bit crazy and absorbs the Gravitonium it might resonate with him or he will be taken over by it completely.

After knocking out Simmons he jumps into the pod and absorbs 100% of the Gravitonium. Ruby barely could control herself after just 8% but Talbot seems to know exactly what he is doing. This makes me worry about his future but it is amazing to think how far this character has come. I would have never guessed that the MCU’s version of Graviton would end up being Talbot but he certainly looks like a comic-accurate version of the character. This is one of the show’s best revelations as in retrospect there were a few visual hints. The episode ends with Talbot bringing down the roof of the Lighthouse and heading towards the alien ship. Goin by the tease for the next episode, it might not end well for the world and the true Destroyer of Worlds has appeared.


4.5 doomsday bunkers out of 5. The episode shines in those little moments as everything comes together. It works well as an action episode with them forced to face some new unlikely foes. We finally get the payoff for Gravitonium in a very unexpected way as Talbot’s storyline continues to be one of the season’s best. We only have four episodes left so it will be interesting to see how they will try to keep the future they saw from happening.


  • I cannot get over the fact that I did not think of it. The beard and blue outfit really fits to Talbot becoming Graviton and am curious how long he will remain sane.
  • This is quite an Easter Egg-filled episode. We get the return of the Centipede project from the pilot episode. John Garrett is referenced alongside the Deathlok project and ending on Daisy digging out her mother’s grave.
  • Coulson’s face when Mack gives him his Shotgun-Axe. That was rather surprising and hopefully not a foreboding action.
  • The characters want to save Coulson just as much as fans do. Makes you wonder if he truly will survive the season finale, as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is just not the same without him.
  • Poor Deke, he tries to bond with his grandfather but is not allowed to call him Gramps. Fitz reluctantly getting use to the fact that Deke is his grandson is quite a fun subplot.
  • We get a small Infinity War hint but it will be interesting to see how they will tie in that film’s ending with the show.
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