It has been a long wait for many Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fans but we are only a few months away from the sixth season. The May release date was revealed in a short Valentines Day special not too long ago and we still do not know when exactly it will premiere on ABC. A major question is also where the show is heading, as the fifth season gave us a finality to Agent Coulson. That didn’t stop the show from getting not only a sixth but also a seventh season, which is currently in production. Then the trailer dropped and gave us quite a shock, as once again Coulson lived, or does he? The release of a new poster on the official Twitter account teases this new Coulson’s involvement with the show.

SHIELD might be preparing quite a wild ride for us in the next two seasons. Clark Gregg even teased that these two seasons might be the end for the show, as Marvel TV’s grip on the MCU seems to be lessening with time. Still, SHIELD is the flagship MCU series that started the trend so we might be getting quite a bombastic last few seasons. The first teaser gave us a lot of beautiful imagery and it looks like the show once again is switching up what we expect from it. There seems to be a stronger focus on space travel once again and that might tie into this new Coulson. The new poster does visualize that with him hiding in the background. We also do not know how Deke Shaw will factor into this general storyline. He was supposed to dissapear as his future ceased to exist but we might see some rather curious time travel shenanigans return. The season releasing two months after Captain Marvel, which also features a younger Coulson, may also point to a stronger connection between the two. Perhaps after spending an entire season with the Kree, we might also get the Skrulls on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

What do you think? Are you excited for the next season? What are your hopes for it?

Source: Twitter