Rejoice, children of Coul! It was just announced that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been renewed for a sixth season. And the catch: it’ll be 13 episodes this time. Not exactly what we’ve become accustomed to but still a win for AOS fans everywhere.

The network has handed out an abbreviated 13-episode sixth season renewal to Marvel’s Clark Gregg drama to Agents of SHIELD.

The show’s momentum is at an all-time high so it’s fantastic that ABC aka Always Be Cancelling recognizes the SHIELD staying power among fans. The future of Coulson may be uncertain at the moment but it’s exciting to know that his team will live on in the MCU. It’ll be pretty exciting to see how the showrunners will up the ante next season seeing the lengths they’ve gone to tell such an insane story this season. It’s been pointed out by our own Pierre Chanliau that the 6th season may coincide with next year’s Captain Marvel, a film Coulson is slated to appear in. It’ll be interesting to see whether they tie-in to this in the season.

Source: THR