Such a weird feeling that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is back but they are not wasting any time. Just last week, we got introduced to Sarge. A man that looks exactly like our favorite agent Coulson who seems to be from a different dimension. The team is under new leadership as Mack tries his best to keep everyone together while Daisy is out in space hunting down the last whereabouts of Enoch and Fitz. Now, the latest episode gives us a deeper look at what exactly Fitz is up to and lift the veil on Sarge’s master plan.

Let us start with the big confirmation. Sarge’s DNA sample is an exact match with that of Sarge. There is also a tease of a secret past that he is keeping from his crew. We already see how this ragtag of cross-dimensional warriors have issues with each other and that this isn’t their first rodeo. We do not get the bigger picture as of yet, but the episode offers some massive hints on what exactly they are trying to accomplish. After last week’s episode, it does offer some more clarity but we are still setting up the direction of the entire season. This episode primarily jumps between two main plot points, Sarge’s team and Fitz’s space adventures.

Speaking of, my theory that Fitz is actually stuck on Sarge’s team was false. It would’ve made for an interesting twist with the doppelgangers but it made sense to not throw in another Fitz to take away from the Coulson double. Still, we actually get to spend some time on the ship with him and get a feeling of what he was up to. At first, they are trying to stay undercover and we get the confirmation that what he was taking in last week’s post-credit sequence was to camouflage as an alien. Sadly, while he is a fantastic engineer, he got himself caught quite easily as his fear of the strange alien snails gave him away. While he isn’t the greatest liar in the world, he does know how to sell himself and finds a way for them to not get thrown out in space. Seems to be a popular killing style in space, as the Ravager mutiny did the same in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. It becomes a really interesting match between Fitz and the captain, as while he wants to survive to see Jemma in the future, his kindness would not let anything happen to the other engineers.

As great as the character moments in space are, the main selling point of the episode is the heist. Sarge’s fuel supply seems to heavily rely on some kind of crystal which naturally leads them to a local jewelry store. After a great performance by Clark Gregg, they try to get their hands on their best merchandise. Seems simple stones are worth more than diamonds from where they come from. Naturally, S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives to take them down but it is May that figures out how they are getting into the vault without having to use the exit. Was a really clever way to use their futuristic tech by creating a wormhole in the wall. The show already teases what they are planning in advance so it does not catch the viewer off-guard once their plan comes to fruition.

This all leads to a great action sequence of May taking on Sarge’s team directly on their truck. Ming-Na Wen is truly the MVP of the show, as she single-handily takes down most of Sarge’s crew. Luckily, her intervention was also able to stop Sarge from using a strange futuristic gun, which we see again in a later sequence. The way he was aiming, it almost seemed like he was trying to shoot it at the sun. Sadly, the emotions got the best of her as she got distracted by the arrival of Sarge. The most interesting thing is then that during their escape, his teammate noticed that he froze after seeing May and Sarge does confirm that the name Coulson has some meaning to him. Shortly after, Sarge’s endgame is finally revealed as we witness a planet on the brink of destruction. It is here we also see Sarge wielding that massive futuristic gun that may be an important part of what they are up to.

So, here is my theory. I think the show is pitching Sarge as an evil person but in reality, he is doing what must be done to save this world. It almost seems too obvious that they are going to destroy this world or dimension with the blaster. Perhaps they are chasing something down, as they do not seem to have any personal investment in destroying a world without reason. Especially with Sarge’s reaction upon seeing May, it looks like this show is hiding something from the viewer and is building up to a mid-season reveal. I could also be completely wrong as with my theory on Fitz from last week.


4.5 heart-crushing reunions out of 5.  

The episode gives us some incredible character moments. Fitz sacrificing his life to ensure that the other crew does not get thrown into space was a great character moment. Also, seeing the trust between him and Enoch really hammers down what these characters must’ve gone through. Hopefully, it will not be long before we get the reunion between him and Simmons, as they just barely missed each other in the post-credits stinger. Sarge is also a great character, who has some of Coulson’s character quirks, such as the dry-wit and his love for theatrics. The ending tease really sold the episode and knowing this show, we might not have to wait much longer for the reveal who he truly is and what connection he has with Coulson.


  • There are some great references to past projects from S.H.I.E.L.D. and a nice callback to the LMDs. It made sense that their first theory would be connected to them with a familiar face showing up out of nowhere.
  • Anyone else thinks Clark Gregg is way too good playing an evil character? Still, his recurring line does feel like a very classic Coulson think to do just from a very different perspective.
  • We get a great little tease of the Doctor that may still be hiding inside of Fitz. Perhaps his ruthless side will become handy as they venture deeper into space.
  • The cavalry is back and she pretty much took down Sarge’s entire team. If only Sarge didn’t show up, they would’ve probably won.
  • Once again, Deke is nowhere to be seen. It will be interesting to see how he factors into the story.