There has been a lot of speculation when we can expect Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s fifth season would air, as this TV season it will not be premiering in its usual September release. This year we will see 2017’s fall season start off with ambitious Inhumans, which will be a limited run of eight episodes, which is quite similar to how Agent Carter was used in the winter season while SHIELD was on hiatus. This made some ask the question about when exactly we can expect the next season to start, as the biggest theory would place it at the beginning of 2018. Yet, it seems we might get our first episodes earlier than we expected – VFX guru Mark Kolpak gave a different premiere date last May – as it was revealed bye ABC head Channing Dungey at the TCAs yesterday.

It’s going to come on right after Inhumans. As soon as the eight episodes of Inhumans is done, then S.H.I.E.L.D. will begin.

This is a rather interesting reveal, as Inhumans will start in September with its eight episode run on Friday, September 29. It will air at 9 p.m., which means SHIELD will air an hour earlier than it did last season and could hint at some less dark tones for the season. Still, if it runs for eight episodes without a break it would end its run on November 17, which means that the following week will be the start for SHIELD. This means we could get in around four or five episodes before the winter break starts. This is good news for those hoping to get a bit more from Marvel before the year ends and it looks like we might get some more information on the show once NYCC arrives. This also seems deliberate to have a new show get a strong viewership number that can then crossover with the other Marvel show, something that Dungey does seem hopeful for.

That is a high-class problem. If they both do well, we’ll be really excited. What I love is the fact that I have the eight episodes of Inhumans, because then it gives us the opportunity to run all 22 episodes of Agents of SHIELD with little to no interruption, which I know is going to make the fans very happy.

One thing that did surprise many people was the fact that the show even got renewed, as it was not pulling in the greatest numbers when it came to its weekly broadcast. We now know that the reason it was renewed lied in its rather impressive DVR showing, as it managed to triple its numbers over the course of its fourth season, which actually put the show quite high in the total viewership. The ABC head also confirmed her trust in the show, as she also seems to hint at some great international numbers that offer them more trust in the show going into its fifth season.

We’re really proud of the show, and it does really well for us here, and incredibly well around the world. We’ve done 22 since Season 1.

What are your thoughts on the matter? What direction do you think the fifth season will take? Are you happy it was renewed?

Source: Entertainment Weekly, ABC Fall Schedule, IGN