Fans of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are stuck waiting until 2018 before they can see the first episode of the fifth season, as the fall premiere in September will introduce the world to Inhumans that will start a new Friday line-up for ABC. While we knew that the writers room had gotten to work on the fifth season, there hadn’t yet been any signs of the beginnings of filming. Wendi Lynn Avignone, who has been a part of the team’s makeup department since the first season, has teased the start of the official production for the upcoming season.

Everything appears to be running smoothly in advance of the 2018 premiere – the details of which have since been removed from Twitter. Not much is teased in this tweet and a lot about the upcoming season is still uncertain, but it will be an interesting one. Given the ending of the fourth season, SHIELD is heading into a completely new direction and it might offer some rather interesting challenges for the makeup department. Avignone has quite the background, which includes films like HeroesHellraiser: Inferno and even Masked Rider. With Inhumans leading the way for the show’s next season, a lot of opportunities are given and while it was confirmed that no crossover is planned, it would be interesting to see what they will do with this new direction.

How excited are you that they are getting to work on the fifth season already?

Source: Twitter