The future seemed a bit grim for Marvel TV, as their Netflix shows were getting canceled one after another. We still haven’t heard much from Marvel TV Head Jeph Loeb but some positive news has slipped in for the production company. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was renewed for a seventh season almost half a year before the sixth season would even air. After a fifth season that had quite a bit of finality to it, fans were stocked to see the show return for a sixth and the additional renewal gives some hope that the flagship series that pretty much started the TV-expansion of the MCU was still going. Now, it also seems that the show’s latest season will start production long before it’s sixth even airs this summer. Discussing Film shared the exclusive on Twitter, as the show aims for a February 2019 production start.

This is certainly good news for SHIELD fans as it hints at a rather short hiatus between both seasons. The sixth season will air in the summer of next year and we may see the seventh season be released at the beginning of 2020. SHIELD‘s fifth season also had a later release, as the Inhumans (now) mini-series was given the usual September release. It is most likely that the seventh season also will be shorter than the usual 22-episodes, which has already been confirmed for the sixth season. In a way, this way they just split up the usual 22-episode season into two with their own dinstinct storyline. So far, they have already kept everything they filmed for the sixth season a well-kept secret and we barely know what direction they are heading towards after Coulson retired at the end of the last episode. In addition, the question is if they will highlight the events from the snap, now titled the Decimation, or if they can make use of Avengers: Endgame to avoid any repercussions.

What do you think? Do you have any theories what we can expect in the upcoming seasons?

Source: Twitter