After a tumultuous end to Agents of Shield Season 3 fans are eagerly awaiting the next season of the stalwart spy show. Luckily production of Season Four is well underway and while many fans are excitedly waiting for its return, series stars Ming-Na Wen (Melinda May) and Ian De Castecker (Leo Fitz) also have their own thoughts about the direction of the series.

“I have certain hopes and dreams that certain Marvel superheroes will show up on our show,” Wen said. When De Caestecker asked who she was referring to, she added, “Chris Hemsworth.”

The lack of superheroes has been a complaint that has hounded the program since its first season. Though there have been intermittent appearances by MCU characters such as Nick Fury, Maria Hill, and Lady Sif but many fans wish to see the cast interact with the Avengers so that we may finally get to see them react to Agent Coulson’s resurrection. Though with Thor: Ragnarok gearing up it is not impossible that we might see some Thor related characters in the future.

As far as other developments go, the romantic pairing of FitzSimmons has long been wished for by fans and finally they’ve gotten their wish. In regards to FitzSimmon’s new relationship status, De Caestecker was enthusiastic about the development:

“The evolution of it seems quite natural, and it seems like what would happen next. The ‘will they, won’t they’ thing has been going on for quite a while. But it is bizarre, because we’re — me and Elizabeth [Henstridge], we’re really good friends,” he continued. “She’s kind of like a sister… so at the same time, it was bizarre, but we both like the idea of these two characters getting together, but doing it.”

While the new situation may be “bizarre” for the actors, it is most welcome by this Agents fan. As the new season approaches, we are sure to see all manner of new and exciting situations for our favorite TV spies. What do you hope to see in the upcoming season? Tell us in the comments below.

Source: Comic Book Resources