Robbie Reyes’s Ghost Rider (Gabriel Luna) on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D has been one of the series breakout characters ever since he was introduced in the fourth season premiere. Ghost Rider’s powers and abilities immediately won over the fan base and drove ratings higher for the series. Unfortunately, his character seemingly vanished into another dimension along with Eli Morrow (Jose Zuniga) at the close of the mid-season finale.

However, Comic Book Resources interviewed executive producers Jed Whedon and Jeffrey Bell regarding Ghost Rider. The producers described Ghost Rider as being rooted in science although, in the show, his powers seemed supernatural in origin. Whedon went on to compare Ghost Rider’s origin to Doctor Strange, tying it into the alternate dimension concepts introduced in the film.

The Marvel rule is that magic is science we don’t understand, but when we are trapped between dimensions in Episode 7, we’re in the quantum energy fields between dimensions. The Ghost Rider very clearly says, ‘That’s where I came from. I know where you’re being dragged down and I don’t want to go back.’

“One of the things that it allows us, and Doctor Strange allowed us, to do is to have something you would call a ‘hell demon’ on our show because we’re opening holes between worlds and between universes, Any time there’s something that on another show would be a wave of the wand magic thing, we can chalk it up to, oh, it’s from another dimension. There’s another set of physics rules in that world and so it’s allowed us to put it all under the science umbrella. The word ‘dimensions’ is sort of covering a lot of ground there.”

E.P. Jeffrey Bell also spoke to the website to further clarify the nature of the spirit of vengeance that is currently possessing Robbie Reyes. He implied that our perception of the entity may be skewed due to how alien the spirit of vengeance is to our home dimension.

In Guardians of the Galaxy, if some of these aliens showed up, they might look like a hell demon. It might be named Larry in his world and there might be a lot of other guys with flaming heads going, ‘Good morning, Larry,’ ‘Good morning Frank,’ and it would be normal.”

Although the Ghost Rider plotline is wrapped up, for now, the comments made by the executive producers regarding alternate dimensions do provide a means by which the character could possibly return. AIDA(Mallory Jensen) was able to create an inter-dimensional gateway using the Darkhold after having read its contents. As her creator Dr. Holden Radcliffe (John Hannah) is currently after the Darkhold for the secret to immortality, this raises the possibility of a return appearance for Ghost Rider if another dimensional portal is opened utilizing the book.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D airs Tuesday, January 17, 10pm Est on ABC. The Promo for next week’s episode ‘The Patriot’ may be viewed here. The synopsis for ‘The Patriot’ may be read here.

Source: Comic Book Resources