Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been facing an uphill battle ever since the new season started on ABC’s infamous death slot of 10 pm. However, the show has proven to be quite a fierce contender, as it kept steady even against fierce competition with NCIS: New Orleans dominating the time slot. The newest pod, Agents of HYDRA has proven to be quite a draw, as it not only returned returned with higher ratings, but also has been seeing a steady increase ever since.

The newest ratings are in and it seems that SHIELD is far from the lost cause some fans make it out to be, as once again the show increased it’s ratings in its share of Adults 18-49 to 0.8 and 2.47 million total viewers. It was not the only ABC show that saw an increase, as it was also reached by American Housewife and Imaginary Mary. This is in fact its strongest performance since January’s mid-season return, something that even ABC’s official publicity Twitter account shared.

It has been circulating lately that SHIELD might have good chances of returning for another season, and it may be the result due to the show proving surprisingly steady at a slot that ABC regularly dumps its shows on. Upcoming Inhumans project may also help the show’s survival, as it could potentially be a strong lead-in show to boost ratings next season.

One important aspect to consider is that TV ratings are not compared between networks, as they tend to only look at their existing library to make a decision what show is worth keeping or not. Luckily for SHIELD, ABC has been facing a rather harsh year with many shows like American Crime, Secret and Lies, Quantico or The Catch underperforming. Thanks to it’s seniority on the network, it could look quite good for another fifth season.

Do you think the show will be renewed? If yes, what would you want to see happen in a fifth season?

Source: TVbytheNumbers