The Great Marvel Promo Machine got a little interesting today by telling fans to tweet #AvengersAssemble to unlock the final trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron. As expected, the fans came out in force. While I don’t think many really believe that the tweeting had anything to do it with it, we now have our trailer, which you can see here.

The new trailer rehashed a lot of previous scenes and expanded on a few more, we got a better look at some of the powers of Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch, but most notably we got our first official look at Paul Bettany‘s The Vision.

First look at The Vision!

From the little we see, it looks like they have done a really good job of keeping it realistic AND sticking to the comics. Well done!

Avengers Assemble

Classic scene to get you pumped. Whoa!

Ultrons, lots of Ultrons

I guess he asked for it right? I’m betting these guys are harder to take down than Chitauri.

Quicksilver vs Captain America

Our first good look at how they will be portraying Pietro’s speed.

Scarlet Witch vs Black Widow

That can’t be pleasant

Avengers vs Ultrons

You can see Scarlet Witch in there fighting alongside the Avengers.

Ultron Unplugged

I was hoping he’d be solar powered. /s

Cap’s shield vs Ultron

Could this be Vibranium vs Vibranium?

Tony grabbing the Sceptre

And no, that’s not an Infinity Stone 😉

Some more of Hulk vs Iron Man

Hopefully we haven’t seen the whole damn fight scene by now.