In the minutes since we published, the story has been updated.

Update #1: This is not the Dante Harper script. Scott Rosenberg (Jumanji reboot, Con Air) and Jeff Pinkner (Jumanji, The Amazing Spider-Man 2) are the writers of the latest script according to Borys Kit.

Update #2: Also according to Kit, Alex Kurtzman is not the director. Not yet.

Update #3: Amy Pascal has been named as a co-producer of the film. Given her working relationship with Kevin Feige, this could be an important development.

Remember the joy you felt when Marvel Studios and Sony announced the deal to allow Spider-Man to be a part of the MCU? Remember those minutes (maybe hours) you spent dreaming (maybe even writing a draft for a website) of how cool a Spider-Verse tangentially connected to the MCU would be? Remember when you were SO excited that the possibility existed of Spider-Man picking up the Klyntarian symbiote during Avengers: Infinity War? Well boy do we have news for you.

In a move that may be tantamount to cutting off your only remaining leg, Sony has staked a claim to the recently vacated October 5, 2018 date by placing their long-developing Venom film there.

The film, to be directed by Alex Kurtzman (The Mummy), has been in development by Sony for years though we haven’t seen any movement since last spring when it was announced that it would be written by Dante Harper. At that time, at was Sony’s intention to keep the Venom franchise completely unrelated to the Tom Holland Spider-Man films. We here at the MCU Exchange have been asking the question, “How can you make Venom totally unrelated to Spider-Man?” and we haven’t come to a conclusion yet. However, if there was one guy you would want to answer that question, it would be long-time Sony producer Avi Arad! Fortunately for us, Arad, along with Matt Tolmach, are producing this film so any collaboration with Kevin Feige seems like a pipe dream.

The only good news we can even kind of cling to at this time is that with the film due out in just 19 months, news will start coming out pretty quickly. While thinking about this article, it struck me that with news due out so soon, there were two options I was willing to consider:

  1. Marvel Studios and Sony are working together to make these two films inhabit the same universe. Much in the way that Luke Cage will never meet Captain America, I could deal with a Venom that doesn’t need to talk to the Guardians of the Galaxy. I can think of any number of great stories you could do with Venom that could do without the entire MCU. In a way, this represents the only time that the original and absolutely fantastic telling of Venom’s origin could be told. In this option, we get the classic Venom origin and then allow him to move into the barely connected edges of the MCU.

  2. Sony is so hard up for cash that they are hoping to flood the market with Spidey-related material in the wake of Holland’s massively successful debut in Captain America: Civil War and the undoubted hit that his solo film will be. In scenario 2, Sony hopes to take advantage of the Spidey-Venom connection without making the Spidey-Venom connection in the film. This brings us back to the question of how can you Venom without Spidey? The guy runs around with a giant effing Spidey logo on his body! Why has Venom been such an interesting character? Because he’s gone from villain to hero…because of his time with Peter! Option 2 means that we pretty much abandon all hope that we ever get to see Venom given his due.

We all get to make our choices about how to spend our discretionary funds, but if this Venom film is Avi Arad’s “F-you” as he heads into the sunset, I won’t be spending my $100+ on the 3D IMAX version. Or the $19.99 on VUDU. I’ll wait to catch it on TBS in 5 years.

What are your thoughts on this newest development in the Venom solo? Do you want a Venom totally disconnected to Spidey?

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