UPDATE: While Woodard is, in fact, in the film, it appears that she isn’t portraying her Luke Cage character. According to the folks over at Screen Crush, Woodard has a small, but pivotal role in the beginning of the film that’ll see her interact with Robert Downey Jr‘s Iron Man.

According to sources, Woodard has a small, but pivotal role in the
beginning of the film. She’ll be playing the mother of an American
citizen who was killed during the Battle of Sokovia in Age of Ultron.
Her character has a confrontation with Tony Stark where she lays both
guilt and blame at him for the death of her son. It’s this encounter
that convinces Tony to back the Sokovia Accords that would regulate
The Avengers and other “enhanced individuals.”

It is worth noting that Civil War went into production before Luke Cage, so it appears that Woodard was cast in the latter only after filming for Civil War. It’s unfortunate, but yes, she is in the film, folks

You can read the original, unedited article below.

With Captain America: Civil War set to premiere in just one week, Marvel has sent out a press release for the event, including a list of actors and actresses that will not only be attending the premiere, but a list of those who are. Most of the names we’re already familiar with, but much like was the case with Avengers: Age of Ultron, there are two names that are rather surprising: Alfre Woodard And Jim Rash. Fans of the Marvel Netflix shows should recognize Woodard’s name as she was cast as Mariah Dillard in the upcoming Luke Cage series, set to hit the streaming service on September 30th.


Assuming this wasn’t an error on Marvel’s end, and I’m keen to believe it wasn’t, this would make for the first crossover between the Netflix shows and the films, as none of the actors or actresses from the movies have appeared on the Netflix shows and vice versa. As to why or how she’ll first appear in Civil War? That’s still unclear. But this is definitely a good sign for those hoping to see The Defenders appear in the movies at some point.

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Source: Press e-mail.