To say that Iron Fist‘s first season was divisive would be an understatement. Still, it had enough viewers for Netflix to decide to give it a second chance. One major addition to the cast was Star Trek Into Darkness actress Alice Eve that raised some viewers’ hope. We got a new showrunner in Raven Metzner, who was a longtime fan of the character. In addition, rumors of a shorter season with positive buzz behind has some people wondering if 2018’s last Marvel Netflix show would end the year on a high note to make up for its mediocre first outing. It seems that actress Alice Eve will add some more positive feedback fore hopeful MCU fans in an interviewer with Inquisitr.

“Unfortunately for me, I can’t tell you anything, although I can tell you my feelings about the role, which are genuine excitement. I truly loved my character and had a great working experience with Jeph Loeb at the studio and learned a lot in that process, actually, even though we filmed it during a grueling New York winter, which I’m sure all of the cast would attest to. It was kind of a special experience.”

She seems to confirm that this film will take place in winter, which is fitting that it will also probably be released at the end of the year. Still, she cannot give us any information on who she is playing and we might still have to wait a bit before a trailer is released. We did get a good look at her character back in March with That Hashtag Show theorising that she could be Gorgon, an assassin of the Hand. It will be interesting to see who her character ends up being and what direction the franchise might head into.

Source: Inquisitr