One of the Marvel-Netflix shows currently in production is the second season of Iron Fist. Not much is known about the upcoming season except most of the current cast of characters are set to return and that Alice Eve will play a key part in it. Some new photos of her on set have surfaced, giving us a first look at her mysterious character as she encounters Finn Jones‘ Danny Rand, the Immortal Iron Fist, Protector of K’un-L’un, Sworn Enemy of the Hand.

A couple of months back, That Hashtag Show ran a character breakdown for a series regular that could be Alice Eve here. According to them, the show was on the lookout for one TANYA PARKER, a covert operative that’s sort of a spy character. THS guessed that this could end up being the role of Gorgon, an assassin of the Hand. While it remains to be seen in these photos of Even in a hoodie, there very well could be room in the show for a reveal of her true identity.

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