The team at Marvel Studios is currently deep into preparation for their reintroduction to the small screen on Disney+, with 7 known shows at varying stages of development and production. One of those projects that is still a long time away from anything substantial is the newly-announced She-Hulk, which currently has no timeframe for release, although today brings a new rumors as to who the studio is looking at to fill the leading role. Thanks to Daniel Ritchman’s verified Patreon page, news has released that Marvel is looking for an “Alison Brie-type” to take on the role of Jennifer Walters in the new mini-series.

This can only be classified as a rumor right now, and it also doesn’t explicitly mean that Alison Brie herself is being courted for the role yet, but we at least have a blueprint of the type of actress being considered. However, considering her own connections to Joe and Anthony Russo from their time working on the wildly-popular Community together, the casting wouldn’t be a complete shock if it does come to fruition. She is currently starring on Netflix’s Glow, which has a focus on female wrestling, so we will have to wait and see if Marvel goes with her or another similar actress for the role. She-Hulk is being penned by Emmy-winning writer Jessica Gao and is set to begin shooting this summer.

Source: Knight Edge Media