As Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios gear up to do their own TV shows set in the MCU for the upcoming Disney streaming service, Jeph Loeb and Marvel TV are doing their next big Marvel superhero venture over at ABC. The project? An all-female superhero team show to be written and executive produced by Wonder Woman scribe Allan Heinberg, this according to Deadline.

It’s anyone guess at this point on which female characters this superhero team could feature. I imagine that with upcoming shows produced by the film division on a streaming service that is arguably more prestigious than a network show, we can probably rule out a team as high-profile as A-Force. Teams like the Fearless Defenders or the Lady Liberators come to mind. They could mix and match some of the characters from existing Marvel TV shows and rebrand them in a completely new name.

I would love to see them put Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, Yo-Yo, and Skye together in one show. Heck, throw in Elsa Bloodstone or Medusa into the mix, make good on the tarnished on-screen legacy of the Inhumans. With their future beyond Season 6 still uncertain, this new superhero show could serve as the perfect vehicle to continue the stories of some of our beloved Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. characters.

Source: Deadline