A casting call for “a teenage Hispanic female” in a supporting lead role has been discovered by The Illuminerdi for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Beyond that, we can only guess that this character is America Chavez, but, who else could it possibly be? It’s funny and sad how there are so few prominent Hispanic characters in Marvel comics that one can easily narrow down which character this could be.

In the comics, America Chavez originates from a different universe, now destroyed. Upon escaping its destruction, she gained the ability to freely travel the multiverse. Which is what makes it more likely that this Hispanic character is her. It would also explain why she’d be so important as to have a supporting lead role in the movie. Since the multiverse is her territory. Her inclusion would also fulfill the promise made by Kevin Feige about actual LGBT representation in the MCU.

If this role is indeed her, then it also strengthens the Young Avengers becoming a team in the MCU. Since, we already have confirmation for Kamala Khan and Kate Bishop. Rumors of Speed and Wiccan appearing in WandaVision, along with even Hulkling showing up. Which could all be leading towards that Young Avengers series that was rumored in September and their potential debut in Ant-Man 3.

Source: The Illuminerdi