Hot off the heels of last night’s bombshell on Emma Watson possibly joining Black Widow, That Hashtag Show is at it again with their next piece of casting info for the film. According to them, Andre Holland, best known for his critically acclaimed performance in the Oscar-winning Moonlight, is the mix to play the film’s yet-to-be-determined baddie.

Holland is not the only actor to read for the role, but his audition caught the attention of Marvel Studios who are said to be hoping to find the right mix of a powerful, confident actor who can pull off smart and sexy.

In addition to all of that, THS is also reporting that the production is eyeing the seasoned talents of Rachel Weisz and Alec Baldwin for supporting roles that may be working with the film’s villain.

There’s been no hint whatsoever as to what villain to expect but a lot of fans are hoping that Black Widow debuts Taskmaster as the main baddie. Holland’s got the chops to play Tony Masters and could easily buff up to transform into the menacing fighter he is. It’s worth noting that like all names that get attached to mega-projects such as Black Widow, things change on a whim. Just a few weeks ago, it was revealed that the film would undergo major rewrites so there’s not telling which roles get cut or changed.

Source: That Hashtag Show