Spider-Man was one of the first major entries into the superhero movie genre that we’ve seen grow so much over the past decade. Originally portrayed in a trilogy by actor Toby McGuire,Sony gave the character another shot under a new title, “The Amazing Spider-Man,” and with a new actor, Andrew Garfield.

While Garfield wasn’t the “perfect” Spider-Man, he did a great job bringing the character to life over the course of two films (especially in the opening of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, am I right?). Originally Sony planned to further expand that universe with a third, perhaps even a fourth Amazing Spider-Man film and a couple of spin-offs. However, that didn’t end up happening.

Instead, we got what we always wanted – Spider-Man back in the MCU. Tom Holland has now taken over the role and it seems that Andrew Garfield is totally fine with that.

To be honest, I would not have been able to work with Mel Gibson and Martin Scorsese if I had done Spider-Man 3. I’m incredibly grateful that I get to now go and watch another man play Spider-Man who I think is a fantastic actor in Tom Holland.

Since exiting Sony’s Spider-Verse, Garfield has had the chance to work under directors such as Mel Gibson and Martin Scorsese, something the actor seems to have thoroughly enjoyed. Further, he isn’t too disappointed he didn’t get an invite into the MCU, and he’s excited to see what Holland will bring to the role in his solo film next year.

You know what, it’s sliding doors, right? There are so many possible outcomes; so many positives and potential downsides to that situation. If I am being totally honest, I am so excited Spider-Man is back in the hands of Marvel. I think that’s a really awesome move. It was a move that I’ve been advocating since I was offered the Spider-Man gig five or six years ago. I’m also excited for Tom Holland. I think he’s a very emotional, truthful, funny, physical actor, and I love the filmmaker — it all really couldn’t be in any better hands. I’m really stoked for it.

Source: Comic Book Movie