The Captain Marvel revealed a slew of exciting things last night, not the least of which was the film’s stellar cast. But one cast member we noticed was missing from the trailer was Annette Bening mysterious mentor role. Bening made an appearance last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and was quizzed about her role in Captain Marvel, to which she let slip that her character would be doing some fighting.

Kimmel: You have all these great roles in great movies but you don’t get to fight that much.

Benning: No, I don’t… I did (pauses) I can’t give anything away.

Kimmel: About Captain Marvel?

Benning: Right. I can tell you that it’s as much fun as you would imagine it could be. At least it was for me. It was so much fun and I can’t tell you why because then it would give something away.

When it was announced that Bening would be joining the cast, there were conflicting reports on who she was playing. Variety said that she was playing Carol’s mother while The Hollywood Reporter said she was cast as a scientist; Carol’s mother never was a scientist in the comics. Putting aside the obvious possibility that she could be both, based on Bening’s brief response and secrecy surrounding what we initially believed to be a simple maternal-mentor role, it sounds like Bening’s character is a bigger deal than we thought.

That bit about fighting could mean three things for the character: she’s either a Kree, a Skrull, or a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. I’m inclined to believe the first option because in the latest issue of the Captain Marvel comic, they just revealed her mom to be a Kree. A cool instance of corporate synergy if you ask me. As I wrap this whole thing up, I’m gonna toss a crazy idea me and my friend talked about a few hours ago out there: What if they turned the mythology on its head and make Bening the MCU’s Mar-Vell?

Source: Youtube