Marvel’s upcoming Spider-man Homecoming is filming now and even with a massive cast list, it’s clear that Marvel is bringing loads of characters from the Spider-Man universe into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Today Marvelous Realm has revealed another new character that could possibly be in the film from the classic comics, Elizabeth “Betty” Brant.

Brant was originally introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man #4 back in 1963 as a Daily Bugle employee who was a potential love interest for Peter Parker. Later into the comics however, she eventually married another character, Ned Leeds.

While Marvelous Realm does know the actress who will be portraying the character on screen, they have not disclosed that information. They do, however, note that the character would be portrayed by an already confirmed cast member. With that knowledge, we would be inclined to assume this could be Zendaya‘s character in the film, however seeing as the cast is as larger as it is, we don’t know that for sure. Her role was previously rumored to be Michele Gomez, another love interest for the web-slinger. What do you think of this latest piece of information? And which actress do you think could be playing Brant? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Marvelous Realm.