When the casting for Inhumans got under way one of the biggest rumors was that a Lost alum would join the Royal Family.  This led to a lot of speculation, most of which missed the mark.  Ultimately when Ken Leung was cast as Karnak many fans said, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  While that seemed to be the end of the connection to ABC’s sci-fi masterpiece it, in fact, was not.  We now know that Desmond Hume himself (Henry Ian Cusick) will be joining the show, as well as two others.

Now we should take a minute here for caution.  This information is coming from IMDB, which is not always a solid source.  Others (like Screenrant) are running it as confirmed.  It probably is, but I’d add one word of caution.  Given all the Lost speculation that occurred early on, this could be some carry on from that speculation.  For the time being, however, it appears that this is legitimate information.  (Also, many of the actors who worked on Lost still live in Hawaii at least part time, including Cusick, making them likely to be cast for smaller parts.)

The role for Cusick is Dr. Evan Declan.  This appears to be a wholly new character and I’d guess it’s related to the mysterious character played by Ellen Woglom.  The other two cast members are Michael Buie and Tanya Clark as the patriarch and matriarch of the Boltagon family, King Agon and Queen Rynda.

Now if this is all accurate, it tells us three important things about the show.  First of all, new characters are coming in. The plot will not be a paint by numbers from a comic plot, though we already knew that from the Hawaii element of the plot.  New characters are still an important sign that they are striking out with a subplot that will be novel.  Second, there will be flashbacks in the show.  Unless they go into a discussion of Inhuman physiology and aging, there is no way that Anson Mount will realistically play the child of Buie and Clark.  So, we likely see them in flashbacks.  Third, the Black Bolt/Maximus relationship appears to be a heavy part of this show, both based on this news and the early promotional material.  Flashbacks with the boys’ parents would allow exploration of the early years of the two.  Fans of the comics know that there is a major twist in their young adulthood which adds a lot of layers to the connection between them.  The story provides helpful tension between enmity and brotherhood between them.

Are you excited about these additions to the cast?  Do you want to see a lot of flashbacks to the earlier days of the Inhumans?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Sources: IMDB via Screenrant