Daredevil promotion is in full swing for the upcoming Season Two premiere. Following the premiere in Paris on Wednesday, the cast has moved to New York City where there will be a second premiere, tonight. Of course, with the premiere underway, the cast has been making the media rounds, as showcased earlier in a new interview that featured our first clip from the second season.

Along with these promotions, they have been steadily releasing new motion posters. (We posted two new ones earlier today, which you can view by heading over here.) They’ve also been releasing a decent amount of gifs from the second season on the official Tumblr page, most of which appear to be from unreleased footage, which makes them all the more interesting.

First off, there’s this new motion poster they released:


With a pile of creepy red hands reaching up to Daredevil, it’s possible that this poster is just referring to The Hand’s powers, though there are still fans hoping for the more mystical Shadowland arc to come to the Netflix show. This moving poster makes me wonder if there will be any changes to the opening theme for the new season.

Along with the latest motion poster above, they released a gif featuring the Punisher logo with Frank Castle walking through the hospital, an image that was released in one of the earliest teasers.

And yet another interview has hit the web, once again with both Charlie Cox and Jon Bernthal paired together, much like the IGN interview from this morning. It’s possible that Cox and Bernthal have worked together so much that they are starting to look alike. In an interview with Fox 5 New York today, they joked that they coordinate their outfits before going to interviews. This interview also shows a full clip of a scene from the new season, with Daredevil chained up, discussing vigilantism with The Punisher. While we have seen parts of this clip before, this is the first time it has been shown in this detail.

The cast has also done a Q&A with Marvel, where Deborah Ann Woll admitted that she is the champion of falling down. Charlie shared that Daredevil would be likely to save puppies, and then turn them into sidekicks. Jon Bernthal continued to prove how scary The Punisher will be, gruffly explaining that his character does not eat pizza.

At this point I’m starting to get a little creeped out by the Daredevil advertising, and I continue to be scared of Jon Bernthal, in and out of character. How are you feeling about everything coming our way on March 18?