Thor: Ragnarok doesn’t release for another year or so, but filming has officially wrapped on the production as of yesterday. While unable to showcase too much, director Takia Waititi has taken to social media to share a variety of things which tell fans a little more about what to expect in the upcoming film. One major revelation continues the string of news items which confirm that the film is in part an adaptation of the “Planet Hulk” storyline.

In yesterday’s Facebook live video, Waititi mentions, in a seeminlgy subtle way, that an actor is playing a character named Miek. For those unfamiliar with the character, Miek serves an important role in Hulk’s development as a gladiator and warrior. His strange speech pattern and warm heart makes him an important emotional piece of the story. He also goes through a major transformation in the storyline.

This would be Miek.

This would be Miek.

And this would be the actor said to be playing Miek.

And this would be the actor said to be playing Miek.

Given the appearance of the actor, it is hard to say how Miek will appear in the film. After all, in the comics he is a giant insect alien. The guy in the video, however, looks like an average human and we see no sign of CGI or motion capture devices. Fans will be pretty disappointed if Miek is downgraded to some run of the mill character or simply a humanoid.

Waititi also showed off a logo that the production team has printed on their crew hats. He suggested that the logo has significance and that the world will discover that significance soon enough. Given that the Ragnarok event has a long mythological history, it seems likely that it is a seal of some kind or an omen of things to come. At the very least, it looks super cool.


Waititi and Chris Hemsworth also took a moment to show their support for the protests surrounding Standing Rock. Hemsworth apologizes for insenstivities on his part in the past toward indigenous peoples’ issues. Waititi himself has personal familial ties to the Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand, so one might expect him to have strong feelings about the situation. Apart from the political ramifications of the situation, the photo also gives fans a glimpse of a new Thor costume. It hugs tight to the body and has an asymetrical look around the medallions on the chest. Maybe this is a battle suit, designed for maximum flexibility.

Standing with those who are fighting to protect their sacred land and water. #nodapl #waterislife #mniwiconi @taikawaititi I would also like to take this opportunity to raise something that has been bothering me for sometime. Last New Year’s Eve I was at a “Lone Ranger” themed party where some of us, myself included, wore the traditional dress of First Nations people. I was stupidly unaware of the offence this may have caused and the sensitivity around this issue. I sincerely and unreservedly apologise to all First Nations people for this thoughtless action. I now appreciate that there is a great need for a deeper understanding of the complex and extensive issues facing indigenous communities. I hope that in highlighting my own ignorance I can help in some small way.

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Finally, Waititi also showed off his fun side, clowning around with some sort of cosplayer (?). Waititi has a fun energy that is obvious in his interviews and social media presence. How his trademark humor will mix with Thor will be worth the price of admission when the film comes out next year.

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Are you excited for Miek to appear in the next Thor film? Are you worried about changing the character? How do you think Waititi will do as a director? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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