Inhumans is headed to IMAX and ABC this fall and we have a ton of behind the scenes looks at the production of the show.  One of the things that make the property so interesting is that it is a family.  With the Fantastic Four still at Fox, it sets up this show as a unique place in the MCU to explore how family units work, particularly once you throw in super powers to the mix.  Through the years fans of the Royal Family have seen how the personalities have combined and clashed, and now those relationships are coming to the big screen.  In particular, it appears the show has a major interest in how the siblings of Black Bolt and Maximus will get along.  Anson Mount had this to say about the relationship with his brother.

That’s one of the more enjoyable relationships in the show because of the antagonism of two people who on some level, love each other. Scott Buck’s a smart writer. He’s starting it in a place where you’ll have places to go. That’s all I say about that.

All of the promotion has suggested that Maximus will not just be an antagonist to the Inhumans, but a major part of the overall cast.  Iwan Rheon is arguably the most famous actor on the show.  One of the things that make Black Bolt as a character so compelling is that he is always restraining himself.  It is almost never a question of if he has the power to do something, it comes down to if using that power is moral.  Over and over through the comics he has been tempted to obliterate Maximus, but always holds back because of their relationship.  Without spoiling the comics, let’s just say there are more complexities to their relationship than a simple scenario of heroic brother and evil brother.  Like all families, their pasts matter.  Mount sounds as if the show’s plot leans this way.  He also gives the impression that the show will begin with the brothers on relatively friendly terms.  It is no secret that in the trailer material Maximus is walking and talking like a member of the ruling family, not as a known criminal.  It is smart to make him ambiguous and slowly reveal his malice.  This situation is all set up for a Thor/Loki dynamic.

Black Bolt also is part of one of the more fabled romances in the MCU, that with his wife Medusa.  Mount had some thoughts on their interactions too.

Their relationship is going be a real attaching point for the audience because of how deeply in love these two characters are in love with each other. They really do need each other to survive, to do what they do, to be what they are. She is his voice.

As a fan of the comics (and non-fan of the recent comic estrangement between the two characters), this is music to my ears.  There is a beautiful synergy between the two characters.  In many ways, they are foils to one another.  The simple idea that a man would need his wife to be his voice resonates deeply to the reality of many marriages with less fantastic circumstances.  Generally speaking, Marvel romances are pretty flat.  It is no accident that some of the early love interests were the first actors to disappear on the film side.  But Medusa cannot be a disposable love interest.  She is integral to the property and to Black Bolt as a character, and in the same way, he is integral to her character.  If the dynamic is done right it could have the romance of a Romeo and Juliet, but also the politics of a Frank and Claire Underwood.

Are you excited to see these characters in real life?  What is your favorite Marvel romance?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!