Update: We’ve added a few more reactions to the post below.

Yesterday afternoon, Ant-Man director Peyton Reed took to Twitter to announce that the film was finally completed.

A few hours later, the recently completed film was screened for the press ahead of this weekend’s junket. Typically, when a film screens in front of the press, their reactions are embargoed until the release date nears closer. However, last night’s screening was not embargoed, allowing the press to freely post their reactions on social media.

This was a smart move on Marvel’s part.

Ever since Edgar Wright left the project last year, the film has been under a microscope by fans. Many fans were unable to look past Wright’s departure, while others believed Reed wasn’t a sufficient replacement – going solely off his past film credits. (It’s worth mentioning that Reed has been up for prior directing gigs for Marvel and that he nearly directed Guardians of the Galaxy.)

For the fans that have been worried, the reactions from last night’s screening should help to get you excited as most of them are incredibly positive.

Of course, not all of the reactions were positive.

We also now have confirmation that the film has TWO credit scenes…

…And it sounds like they’re pretty great!

Ant-Man will hit movie theaters on July 17th, 2015, exactly three weeks from today. Until then, be sure to keep up with all things Ant-Man related by heading over here.