Outside of the official synopsis and the trailers/TV-spots we’ve seen, there isn’t a whole lot of information out there currently to help us piece together plot points from Ant-Man. Now, thanks to the films production notes from The Bearded Trio, we have a better idea of what to expect to next month in the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Here are a few of the key details of note:

Paul Rudd on Scott Lang:

In the beginning of the film, my character Scott Lang has just gotten out of prison. He doesn’t know anything about Ant-Man and has nothing to do with Hank Pym. On the other hand, Pym singled him out and, quite aware of his notoriety, has been watching him with ulterior motives. He sets up a scenario where Scott has to resort to his old ways. He breaks into Hank’s house to steal some money to help pay child support for his daughter, the only person he really cares about. Unbeknownst to Scott, Hank has orchestrated the entire scenario. This brings Scott into Pym’s world where he can potentially teach Scott how to use the suit properly and steal something Pym really needs.

Michael Douglas on Hank Pym

He’s obviously a brilliant scientist but combined with that he has military-like training in weaponry. When we meet him, he is a retired, very wealthy scientist who had a very successful biotech company, from which he has been gradually removed by his protégé, Darren Cross. Because of situations that exist, he is looking for a person that can take on his role and he picks a recent ex-convict, Scott Lang, and now he is going to teach him all the tricks of the trade of Ant-Man.

Rudd on Evangeline Lilly‘s Hope Pym:

Hope works at Pym Tech and she has some real issues with her dad. She’s been disappointed by him throughout her entire life. She’s going through a lot of conflicting emotions in this film, one of which is that she doesn’t really like Scott and doesn’t think he should be involved in any of this. There’s a feeling of rejection from her dad, as well as the tragic losses she’s experienced in her life.

Director Peyton Reed on Corey Stoll‘s Darren Cross:

He was a young scientist who came up and studied under Hank Pym, but somewhere along the way he had a very different vision of how this technology could be used. Hank always saw Darren Cross as the son he never had, but he had to watch him go to the dark side causing Hank to hold back all of the technology that he could have passed down to him.

Stoll on Darren Cross and Hank Pym’s relationship:

Hank Pym found Darren Cross at a very young age and took him under his wing. Darren spent a lot of time at Pym Technologies growing up and he got a whiff of this other life that Hank Pym was leading as Ant-Man and the incredible technology to be able to shrink to half an inch tall. Darren became enthralled and obsessed with it and wanted to pursue it, but Hank decided to leave all that behind when he realized the ‘Pandora’s box’ that the technology would open.

Definitely some interesting information there. Mostly notably (to me at least) is that the mention of Pym’s military training – which you can see some of in the Ant-Man Prelude Comic. With John Slattery as an older Howard Stark set to pop up along with Hayley Atwell‘s Agent Carter, it seems the flashback scenes will most likely revolve around some early S.H.I.E.L.D./Military missions.

Additionally, the mention of Pym holding back some of his technology from Cross is interesting. We’ve seen both Lang in the Ant-Man suit and Cross in the Yellow-Jacket suit shrink, so what technology could Pym be keeping from Cross? Maybe he discovered the ability to grow larger (leading to Giant-Man) rather than just the standard shrinking?

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Source: The Bearded Trio